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"Elephant Man"?
Very odd, and I must admit a little troubling if he keeps staring at the area and seems obsessed or bothered by it. Does it wake him during the night? It's too bad he's only 3. He probably doesn't have the words for description.

In this case, if I were the parents, I would watch him closely, but without letting him know they're doing it, if that's possible. Try to distract him with a conversation or a story or a game and then move him into the area he is concerned about. All the while, just continue the game or the story and act like nothing is going on. See if he is distracted enough that he forgets the elephant man thing. If he gets worried or scared even when he hasn't been thinking about it, then you know what? I'd listen to him.

Even if it is all his imagination, there are ways of supporting a kid and making him feel safe without coming out and talking about elephant man things in front of him. I think it goes without saying the parents or other adults shouldn't talk about it in his hearing. Nor should they pump him too much for details. Too much attention will make him worry more, and possibly get more frightened. If he doesn't want to sleep in the room, I'd seriously honor that if there is any way to do it.

You can also wait for him to talk about it, then smile and ask if the elephant man looks funny with those big ears. If he smiles and makes a joke about it, I think you might relax. If he is not amused, but still very worried, then that's another signal to listen and try to support him.
It's odd that both Grandfather and Grandson have seen the same 'Elephant Man'. It harassed them both. That's some imagination.
(12-01-2014, 09:42 PM)Itheblaze Wrote: It's odd that both Grandfather and Grandson have seen the same 'Elephant Man'. It harassed them both. That's some imagination.

I know. Good point. But we don't know if grandpa has talked about his elephant man where the 3 year old heard. But it is a huge thing if the kid sees the drawing and identifies it as the same thing he is seeing.

It's not something my friend ever talked about. His daughter one day started talking about how the kid was staring into space and saying "elephant" and it kinda spooked my friend. So as far as I know, the kid came up with this on his own without any leading information

Here's something I found...

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