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I saw hell.
(11-07-2014, 02:31 PM)digipad Wrote:
(11-07-2014, 11:39 AM)MrsMultiTasker Wrote: You were given a warning,take heed,or pay the ultimate price.
Also on a show I watched yrs back.This man spoke of himself being in he double hockey sticks,he also wrote a book about it.I'll try to find that info for you,but you have bin warned.Just my thoughts keep us posted.

The book is "Dante's Inferno" what was depicted there is mild at best
(11-07-2014, 10:33 AM)Itheblaze Wrote: Your vision of everyone going to hell, born, or waiting to be born when they die, just isn't true. Either your own mind made this up or a lying spirit caused you to have such a vision. What drug were you on at the time? Even drunk people can have insane visions. People tripping on acid have visions, but that's just the mind making up a crazy dream while awake. Not to be taken seriously.

It isn't a matter of "waiting to be born". Time has no meaning on the other side. We all came in at the same time on that side but at different points along the timeline of this universe. Nobody is waiting to come here. While we are stuck waiting to see new arrivals because we are limited to a linear progression of time, there is no limitation on the other side.

I don't know why you went to such a dark place but maybe the drug overdose had some effect upon that? but your comment about time, at risk of sounding cuckoo!, I do agree with what you have written. Icontexto-emoticons-06-032x032
Please know that you may have only seen one aspect there are others. Icontexto-emoticons-04-032x032

You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
We are energy. The life we live here reflects the life we create there. Suicides are often depressed, so their energy/thoughts would create scenarios such as you saw. I'm not saying it's permanent because I'm a firm believer in reincarnation, but what I am saying is that you created your experience based off the low frequency of your soul by the bad thoughts you had at the time of your death. The only thing you have after death is your your thoughts/feelings control your experiences. A mentally ill person who believes their death could save millions could have a beautiful after life based on their thoughts and feelings because it's energy and like attracts like. Energy is always changing though and you may have saw hell and in the same frame could have saw heaven if your thoughts and feelings would have changed to a more pleasant feeling. The importance of controlling your thoughts is magnified when you have these experiences.
(11-07-2014, 05:22 AM)digipad Wrote: What follows is my account of what transpired when I overdosed. Some of what follows can be disturbing. I post it here because I can no longer bottle it up to myself and feel anybody I tell would find me insane.

I found myself on a long winding mountain road, following a twisting path up the mountain. To my right was a sheer drop and to my left was a cliff extending upward. I was alone on this path and came across a sort of smooth glass/Crystal ball that seemed to glow with an golden light that emitted from its center. I mention this because this ball represented something extremely important to me yet I can no longer remember what. It was so beautiful that I couldn't believe it was simply left laying off to the side of this path. I carried it with me with a feeling that now EVERYTHING was right and nothing could ever go wrong again. I continued along this path for a long time. The path ended in sort of semi circle of rocks which were stacked on top of each other maybe a foot higher then my head. I heard a voice which seemed to come from all around me. It told me a great many things and truths about the beginning off all things and the end. I learned that the war between haven and hell ended when the universe was created. In the beginning, there was only darkness. By darkness I mean absolute chaos. Anger, pain, hatred, jealousy, greed, every single negative and black emotion you can conceive and even some you can't had physical form and made up everything. Then the light came bringing hope, love, piece and what we know as the better part of our humanity came. There arose a debate about which was better, which would we instinctively follow. And so there was a bet placed and the loser would be destroyed. This realm is without time. In this realm, all things of this universe were known and seen the instant it was made. We, at our core, are beings of darkness. When the chips are down and we are backed into a corner, we revert to our true nature. It didn't matter how we learned to behave or how we acted when things were right with us. As a result of this, the light lost its bet and haven was destroyed. Haven is gone and humans are the reason. Because at our core, we are evil. I started crying when everything was told to me. I heard and felt a deep rumbling and I climbed up onto the rocks and looked out. The world was crumbling away and falling away. I was told that this is the inevitable end for everyone. I was left floating in a void. I looked down and I saw into hell. No sane mind can comprehend the horrors that wait there. Not only ones worst terrors are there but many you didn't know existed. Pain is a physical thing and it makes up what you are made of, you are always in a state of agony and terror without end. I cannot find words to describe the absolute, permeating horror, pain and misery that makes up this place of the purest chaos. As I started into this, I begged for it not to be true. I sobbed and screamed myself hoarse and pleaded with the voice that there had to be more then this waiting for us on the other side of death. I was ignored. I suddenly knew that everyone I knew and everyone I loved was down there and there was no way around joining them. A feeling of total hopelessness came over me. A hopelessness so deep that it was completely calming and I let go of myself. Once this happened, I fell toward the doom. That's when I snapped back from this and found myself in my living room. It was so real that for a few minutes I expected my walls to melt away.

This was about 2 years ago and not a day has gone by where I don't reflect on this with dread. Sometimes I fear for my own sanity because of what I saw. If anyone has any experience like this or one that can help me move past this, I would be extremely grateful. If for nothing else, to know I'm not alone.

Haven is gone. I was there that day. This thing that happened you solves a mystery of the puzzles of my pastlives. I don't know if you believe in those. I am one of the few creatures that survived beyond the loss of light. I don't know what I am and whatever I am is lost in time. I have had dreams of the darkness. Do remember much about the fight in heaven and hell? I just wan to know more I've heard many interpretations but I feel like yours is important.

I 1000% believe what you saw. I have seen things too. It's hard thing to live with.
I am an echo from a time long past.
Heaven is gone because you were there that day? So..... what, did they move it? You sure you took the right road?
Go to YouTube and type in 'Died and went to hell' . Watch all the NDE videos of people who went to hell and back. Many of the stories sound similar to yours.
What are you talking about? The videos describe Hell but they also mention Heaven and a second chance to fly right. They are saying both places exist. Up, down, heads, tails, stripes, solids. It's the way life, death is.
Been to hell many times, ate there often after mountain biking. You can actually own a piece of Hell.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
(06-02-2015, 01:24 PM)UglyNRude Wrote: Been to hell many times, ate there often after mountain biking. You can actually own a piece of Hell.

Somehow it makes sense to me that it would be in Michigan.
There is nothing to fear, not everybody is going to see the "Light" when near death. Also only if you are near to death again you could see that place for second time. But don't worry, NDE is not something that you will have everyday.
Dr. Maurice Rawlings, a cardiologist, finds that roughly half the NDEs experienced bv his patients suffering cardiac arrest are trips to Hell. That is a much higher percentage than that found in standard NDE research. How does Rawlings explain the discrepancy?

(1) Hellish NDEs are so terrifying that patients soon suppress the memory of them. But Rawlings has been present while the NDE is actually happening before its suppression.
(2) NDE patients are ashamed to disclose their visits to Hell because of their fear that this reflects negatively on their character. So when they have time to reflect of their negative NDE, they decide to keep the experience private. You can google Rawlings's books on this subject.

One of the most riveting books recounting an NDE is Howard Storm's "My Descent into Death." In it he describes his NDE during a trip to Paris with his students. Storm was an art professor at the time. He is rescued from torment in Hell by Jesus and recounts long conversations with Jesus and the angels. His NDE converts him from militant atheism to Christianity and he becomes a UCC pastor.


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