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Learning tarot few questions
That is my impression too but as I said the cards don't do anything for me, I work in a totally different way so can only go by those who do the tarot. Like in all things each is different??
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I have a Manga deck - beautiful one, too. It all came in a box with a book. The book is a helpful guide to get started but it had a good point in it. Study the visuals in the cards and give your own interpretation as every card's meaning is varied. None are more negative or positive than the other. Play around with different spreads. Some spreads are more complex and tell a more detailed story than more simple spreads. I found the Celtic cross spread works good for me. There is a lot of analysis and when all the cards are placed in the spread, you start deciphering and looking for patterns to link the story.
I don't know if it's good at predicting the future. Futures always change with every decision and event that happens in your life. There isn't one road we travel that can be seen through your palm or tarots. It's a tool to provide insight on how your life is going in terms of the present. The cards can be vague. But they do make a good tool for telling a story. Every time you lay the cards down they tell something different and all the symbols can add so many different variations. Ding Ding Idea I think this is best way to use tarots.............uh oh, I've said too much! NO ONE STEAL MY IDEA, PLEASE!!!!!
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The cards you made yourself may be the best bet for now. Find a deck that pulls you in. For now focus on the major Arcana, and learn the meanings. Then move on to the lesser arcana. After you can identify each card and give a fluid reading, then you can go into the card interactions with each other. Don't get into the tree of life, or fools journey until you understand all of the card meanings. Or don't at all.. Some people do fine without that. I would suggest not giving readings to close friends, or yourself, because your emotions towards them will mess up your intuition, and interfere with the reading. For your friends, and yourself I would suggest reading actual playing cards, or gypsy cards, because they are straight forward, and you can't bend the meanings in your head.
I am comfortable with tarot-once I understood the sheer magnitude of symbolisms images can mean. Like of course 'death' freaked me out, or 'hermit'......but I realized 'death' can be death or ending of a situation - and birthing into a new one.

There are some great books out there....I have several, as each author has their own flavor or style...but mostly they stick with the cards 'traditional' or, original universal meanings. it seems daunting, but it was worth gettings books. (since a move, they are in a storage box...when I find some I can post them.)

I am a Tarot rebel ; ) and I don't really use traditional 'spreads'. For myself I hold the whole deck and touch every card(sounds silly and time consuming, but I do it pretty quick since I've been using them for 9+ yrs....I hold a deck in one hand and sort of shift them into my other hand, just fingertips - & I always drop a few by accident biggee! I just pick it up and stick it back in the deck. Some say those 'jumpers' should be read, but my intension was to touch em, not read em yet.

For me, I am super simplistic, while I cut the deck and shuffle them I think of what my issue or question is. I don't ask for future things, or to get answers from any deceased....I trust my Soul to work with 'Infinite' (or whatever is a positive force for you - perhaps 'God', or 'Love', etc)...thats my way anyway.

I think of my concern- "wow, Iam so fatiqued, if Iam just emotionally drained, what may be a way to help myself, that I haven't thought of already? " ( and I think- ok, I will take a card from the middle, and one from the botton of the deck ) I pick the 1st one, set it aside, and then the 2nd- and put it aside and put the deck aside. Thats pretty much all I do. I stick to that because it feels obscure to me if a card(s) slip out and land on the floor etc- I stick with my intent. Middle, and bottom.

And I just look at the 1st one and think on it, the wordings(if there are any on the deck I am using) and the images on it. Usually I have a book nearby to look the card up-I state that as well before I even pull any cards. "I am referring to this bk too-thank you"(that may sound corny- like 'who' am I thanking...but I have to figure if in my reality, paranormal/entities exsist, as I experience them anyway, then there is also a 'Positive' or 'Infinite Source' too) Mostly what I cards I pulled makes sense. If not, I always look at both cards as it is anyway- & sometimes the 2nd makes the 1st one's meaning more complete.

Not every word in a book totally fits every single time, so I take what I see, read and feel - by what feels 'right'. If I don't understand , I just say "thank you, I will think on it, & try later or the next day." Any how, that's about it. Its neat you colored your deck-it makes it really personal! Its Yours. Oh, one bk I found ( may be out of print, amazon usually has used bks and less $ that way too! )
Signe E Echols, Robert Mueller, Sandra A Thomson (1996, my reprint is 2003)
~it takes some pressure or fear off, to not worry if meanings seem obscure or weird or wrong. I try not to have the feelings of super annoyed, if cards don't jive with my question. Its like, ok, I will try later- (& you got practice getting to know your deck too)~

(10-30-2014, 06:42 AM)Marie86 Wrote: 1) First would the deck I coloured myself work as well as the deck I had brought?

2) what's the best way to learn to read tarot? Like I have some idea what each card means but what about when a card comes up where it doesn't seem to make any sence or be anything to do with what's being asked?

Well, first, depending on who you are, fastest might not be best and best might not be fastest Second, when it comes to tarot, the best way varies person to person. So what you're really looking for is your way. What will make you say, "Oh! I get it!"

The fastest way to memorize the cards basic meanings (and for *some* the best) is the keyword system. It's essentially a flash-card method. You associate the card with one word or phrase. Like "Fool = Beginnings." Sylvia Abraham came up with a method that extends this to the minors by associating them with the first ten majors. So, the Magician is "I make." Cups = Emotions. So Ace of Cups (Magician is 1, so Aces are Magician): "I make emotions." Her little book ("How to Read the Tarot: the Key Word System") will help you to memorize all the cards very fast.
Warning: speedy as this method is, there's no guarantee that you will be able to read the cards by week's end Learning what the cards mean can be quick, but learning to read the cards is something that goes through stages. And whatever method you use to learn the card meanings, however fast, you still have to go through those stages. Stages like, the point where you work out connections between them in a spread, or the point where you get confused over which meaning is right, etc. These take time. With tarot the joy is in the learning, or at least it should be. Which is why certain people enjoy slower methods, ones where they can take their time with each card, explore it top to bottom. They want to really get to know the cards and learn for as long as they can because they're having such a good time doing it.

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