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600-year-old canoe discovered in New Zealand
I'm always amazed when organic discoveries like this are made.

Quote:AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Sept. 30 (UPI) -- A pair of new studies, including the discovery a sophisticated 600-year-old canoe in New Zealand, are finally helping to explain how people of East Polynesia made their way to New Zealand during the 13th century.

Scientists know Polynesian seafarers made their way across vast swaths of rough Pacific seas, colonizing a variety of faraway islands -- Samoa to the west, New Zealand to the southwest, Hawaii to the north, and others in between. But experts have never been exactly sure how these isolated people managed such long and dangerous voyages.

Full story
'A phantom,' said my Uncle Mycroft, who had just materialised, 'is essentially a heteromorphic wave pattern that gains solidity when the apparition converts thermal energy from the surroundings to visible light. It's a fascinating process and I'm amazed no one has thought of harnessing it - a holographic TV that could operate from the heat given off by an average-size guinea pig.' ~ First Among Sequels, Jasper Fforde
My paddle is deep & bright,flashing with silver.Keen as the wild goose flies,dip,dip,& swing.
Just a boy & a girl in a lil canoe.When the moon was shineing all around.What the heck stay & neck,for an hour or two.When the moon is shineing all around.
Sorry read the artical & got caught up in the moment,sorry.Awesome find,good read,ty 4 shareing.

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