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A beautiful feeling.
About three months ago, I went to a local gig to see a band that uses the same rehearsal studio as my own. I was expecting to nod politely to a few songs, have some beers and go home early. When I got there, I met a girl who may as well have been my twin. I don't think we really even paid attention to the band. We've since become inseparable, and I call her my spirit penguin (because despite being my spirit animal she's still quirky and awkward like a penguin... And like me haha)

Where the past life part of this tale comes in, is that on the first night we spent hanging out together at her place, she decided she wanted to take me to Abbotsford Convent (in Melbourne, Australia) the next morning. There is a co-op vegetarian restaurant there, and the buildings are mostly open to the public, as they now play host to artists studios and the therapists of varying types.

We had our meal and she told me she wanted to show me the original convent buildings, because some of the architecture was beautiful. We went through an open hallway with a mosaic floor and high roof, and when we got to the end, there was a staircase. I looked up, and froze. I started shaking and felt like crying. Not because I was sad or spooked, but because id seen I before in my dreams. I knew the place well, and it was like coming home. The feeling was so overwhelming I had to sit down. It hit me in the face like a hammer, and I knew that not only had I dreamt about the place despite never having been there in my life, I had stood in the exact same spot, and admired the exact same stained glass window.

In all my dreams of this place, I am always busy, rushing about doing something I should have done already, making excuses and running up and down staircases in a dress that keeps threatening to trip me over. Despite being out of breath and a bit stressed in the dreams, I always have a feeling of contentment.

I told my mate what I felt, and as we walked on up and down different stairs, I told her where there was access to the rooftops, where there were balconies, where there was a stairway to an underground basement/cellar type area, and even what the walls and floors used to look like before they put beige paint and ugly grey carpet over the top. I felt like a child who grew up and went back to visit the old family home. Even thinking about it now overwhelms me. It was such a beautiful feeling. I've never felt anything like it before or since, but I still go to the convent with her from time to time and I have never felt - not even in my own family home - such a pure sense of belonging and being home. I have a bond with this place that I can't explain, except for perhaps the possibility that I might have spent a portion of a past life there. I know my friend feels an affinity for the convent too Smile

On a silly side note, my spirit penguin has exactly the same birthmark as me over her left ear haha. A nice coincidence Big Grin thus concludes my beautiful tale of my beautiful new best friend and the convent that she took me to which rocked my world.
Very interesting story. And it reinforces the idea that you are pretty open psychically.
Wow soul mates,I to feel this way about my hubby.Maybe not spot on like you 2,but close enough.Think alike,finish or start sentences,very in tune with 1 another.Possibly deja'vue for you?Sorry about the poetry.Keep us posted.
Honestly... I didn't even think much about whether it meant anything, or even if it made my friend and I soulmates or something. I described it to my boyfriend as like having a huge crush on someone and wishing they would talk to you constantly... kind of how i was like when I met him... except it was just some random chick I met at a pub one time haha. For a good week there my entire mentality hinged on whether or not she would text me back and I felt like a total idiot. I'm so glad you have that kind of relationship with your partner, MrsMultiTasker Smile

And Gizmo.... give me another 20 minutes or so to properly digest your other post, because it is definitely worth more than a quick, ill-considered response.
For you to know the place like that, and both of you having the same scar/birthmark over left ear. I would do some research to find anything about lining people in a row and shooting them, one by one, in the left side head. Orphan girls were raised there and maybe some officials wanted to do some " illegitimate" racial cleansing. This information isn't going to be on the tour guide, so you'll have to go to the library to find out the oldest and any violent history of the convent.
That's pretty gruesome.... I hadn't thought of that, but it will be interesting to see what I can turn up. It does seem like this place had a bit of a dark history. They had a psych unit as well right until the 70s where people would dump their daughters if they had children out of wedlock :-/

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