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Everybody says I look familiar...
When I meet new people, almost always they make some sort of comment like "Have we met before?" or "I feel like I know you from somewhere..."

This happens with almost every new person I meet. I've had people from different parts of the world ask me if I am from their country, or if I work at a place that I've never been to before.

I've had at least 200 people say they feel like we've met before.

Maybe I was a celebrity in a past life? Smile
Do I know you? Smile
LOL Gizmo, maybe!

by the way I have enjoyed reading your posts... the things your husband experiences sounds a lot like what I experience...
It could be your a magnet.Your personality reflects on to others,they feel comfortable in your presence.It also could be a holder of spiritual being.Basically you've had many lives,an old soul.Just my thoughts,keep us posted.
Have you ever dreamed of a past life? In all these travels of yours, have you ever knew the road or house or church, coming up, when you knew, in this life anyway, you've never been there?
Do you have an odd talent that nobody in your family has?
MrsMultiTasker...what you said rings pretty true with me. I feel like people feel comfortable with me. Total strangers will walk up to me and start telling me about their lives. (I have been told I'd make a good therapist Tongue ) The term old soul as it relates to living a lot of lives is very interesting, thank you.

Itheblaze, I don't remember any past life memories and I don't have deja vu. As far as odd talents... well, I do have epilepsy, a pretty rare form of epilepsy which is supposed to be genetic, except there is not a single person in my entire family who has any seizure disorder. No traumatic events or anything, one day I just started having seizures. My neurologist is at a loss to explain it. I've read up on some stuff about epilepsy and the paranormal, but there's enough people who truly believe seizures are caused by devil possession that I try to stay away from the connection!
That is odd because I take care of an elderly man who has epilepsy, and both his children have it, and his Aunt had it. He started having seizures at 5yr old. I also like Mrs. Multitaskers thoughts.
If you're an Empath, or have those leanings, you read other people really, really, really well. What can happen is that they recognize that you seem to know them. It's odd how they then seem to make the leap that they also know YOU well.

When they don't.

But to them, it seems like you are very familiar because how else could you know so much about them? Happens all the time to my husband.
Gizmo, that is another great explanation, thank you Smile

I was going to put on the thread I started in the psychics & visions forum, that I have always been good at "reading" people. I notice a change in their... energy, I guess? I will enter a room and just notice happiness, or sadness, coming from somebody. Even when other people don't notice it, it is very apparent to me.

I have never heard the term Empath before. But last night I was doing more reading and everything that applies to Empath applies to me. One part that stuck out was being sensitive to other's pain. I have a memory of being a little girl, maybe three or four years old, and my mom turned on the nightly news, and I ran behind our couch and screamed at the top of my lungs "Turn it off! Turn if off!" Also I can't kill any creature. Spiders, insects, mosquitos, mice, other rodents, etc. When I see somebody hurt them I become depressed.

I was trying to learn about shielding last night because I am very sensitive to others energies and I never realized it was a bad thing?
I get that all the time.

"You look familiar" or "Where have we met?" or "You look EXACTLY like....."
Usually from women, I would say, but not always. Probably 70% of the time.

But the one time the person was most insistent that they knew me was a guy. It was a couple years ago, in Austin, TX where I lived before moving out here. I was in a running shoe store called "RunTex" and a guy came in; on his break I guess, he was a conastruction worker--still had his work clothes and hard hat on, as I recall.

I was in my running togs, and he goes, "Man, how did you get here and change so fast?" I asked him what he was talking about and he explained that he had just seen me downtown at his worksite, about five miles away--and I was working with the electricians.

I politely explained he was mistaken, and he would have none of it! LOL. He actually got mad at me; thought I was messin' with his head. He was all, "Man, don't tell me that: t was YOU! I know it! Same hair; same size; same voice."

He got so mad he left the store in a huff.

I do not know if I believe in the whole doppleganger thing. But this was one time the guy was so adamant I actually considered going to his workplace to see my alleged twin. I would have, too, but I was in a time crunch thing.

I DO sort of subscribe to the "parallel Universe" thing, the M-Brane and 11 Dimensions that some quantum physicists postulate. Where every version possible of ourselves and every possible decision we ever had was actually made--on some level or another. This goes into the whole "quantum entanglement" theory of QM, which gets pretty deep. But it has to do with how some quantum particles can react the same even when they are miles and miles apart, after they have been split. Einstein was fascinated with this, but could never quite find the mathematical equation to describe it. (Eisntein was actually not that great of a mathematician, by his own admission).

He called it "spooky action at a distance."

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