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Everybody says I look familiar...
(10-01-2014, 11:22 PM)Gizmo Wrote: If you're an Empath, or have those leanings, you read other people really, really, really well. What can happen is that they recognize that you seem to know them. It's odd how they then seem to make the leap that they also know YOU well.

When they don't.

But to them, it seems like you are very familiar because how else could you know so much about them? Happens all the time to my husband.

Yes!! Totally agree!! I'm an empath & I do have many people who feel that I'm familiar to them!! It's like they just connect with us & in many cases it's as though they feel a trusted safe haven in us! I can't really explain it!
(09-30-2014, 03:24 PM)lizw47 Wrote: When I meet new people, almost always they make some sort of comment like "Have we met before?" or "I feel like I know you from somewhere..."

This happens with almost every new person I meet. I've had people from different parts of the world ask me if I am from their country, or if I work at a place that I've never been to before.

I've had at least 200 people say they feel like we've met before.

Maybe I was a celebrity in a past life? Smile

Such feelings are just simple chemistry, detected by the man in the second person and gives a feeling that has long been known.

Taki občutki so samo navadna kemija ,ki jo zazna človek v drugem človeku in daje občutek,da se že dolgo poznata.


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