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Mummy Brain Imprint Found Inside 2,000-Year-Old Egyptian Skull
This is trippy! I didn't think your brain touched your skull, but I guess it could if that membrane decomposes before the brain matter does.

Quote:Scientists are getting a rare look at the brain of a mummy thanks to an imprint left inside the skull of someone who lived more than 2,000 years ago in Egypt.

The mummy, found in 2010 with more than 50 others in the Kom al-Ahmar/Sharuna necropolis, is unique in that blood vessels of the brain were imprinted into the skull, according to Live Science.

Full story
'A phantom,' said my Uncle Mycroft, who had just materialised, 'is essentially a heteromorphic wave pattern that gains solidity when the apparition converts thermal energy from the surroundings to visible light. It's a fascinating process and I'm amazed no one has thought of harnessing it - a holographic TV that could operate from the heat given off by an average-size guinea pig.' ~ First Among Sequels, Jasper Fforde
The brain must have had swelling,which left trace amounts of brain matter.This can occur when some1 suffers sever head trauma.Mummification would not be my choice,after passing.Cremation works for me,some choose to be a maggot fest,but no thank-you.Ty 4 shareing,cool artical.

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