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Someone stopped me from walking in front of a car
I was 16, walking back from the grocery store with a frozen pizza for dinner. There's six lanes of traffic to cross in order to get home but I often crossed this road. I'm listening to music semi-loudly, enough that I hear it over traffic, and as my favorite song comes on at the time (Art of Life, a song life and death ironically) I think, and I remember this very vividly, 'If there's any song I want to die to, it's this one.' The significant thing about that, is that the song came on directly after I thought that, and it was on shuffle with many other songs that could have played. Now I look both ways and brace myself to run across the road.

But I stop, I get the message in my mind that I should stop for a second first. Like a clear message, "You should wait."
So I waited just a second, then began my way across the road. Of course I look both ways and the road is clear. A car came out of no where, seriously I still to this day have no idea where it came from. The only logical explanation I can come up with is it turned quickly out of a neighborhood. However it was speeding, and had I crossed the road a second earlier, it would have directly hit me. But that second made it speed right inches in front of me instead.

The whole experience is strange to me honestly. I mean, I can chalk it up to I was unconsciously preparing myself for suicide. Like, I saw the car, but my mind blocked it out because I felt the need to die?
However, I didn't feel the need to die. xD
But something, someone, vividly told me, "No, don't cross the road right now. Wait a second, and then go."
And it was very strange to me that right as I thought, 'If there's any song I want to hear before I die, it's Art of Life.' that that song came on immediately.
And of course, that I would have died had I crossed the road, as I originally was about to do, a second earlier.

At least I know that if there are other lives, there's a me out there that died listening to the song they wanted to die to, with that being their last thought. :o
I'm glad you didn't go across and instead, waited a second. People can have premonitions about such things that help them avoid danger. It happens enough to not make it be something unusual or unheard of. But I think your conclusions might be a little fanciful. How did you jump to you being killed somehow in another life?

I think you might have dodged a bullet in this one, though.
I was just saying that if there were alternate realities with infinite possibilities, than at least I know I died in another reality listening to what I wanted to listen to when dying. Smile I don't think I actually died in another life, it was just a thought in regards to the infinite realities theory.

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