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Yes, well, overall, that's what they are. This was back in the 80s and doubt if you went there today anything has changed. Her first and only child was born over there at the base. Here's an interesting story. Nothing paranormal. Kay heard her large, sheep looking dog, mixed breed. Anyhow, it started barking it's head off. She ran to the front yard, and there, 15ft in a beautiful Bamboo tree was a little Asian man with a big ole' machete. How he snuck on the base, she had no clue, but poor " Rebel" was about to be a feast.
Wow this is amazing,then what happen?I like finding out about new things.
Lol.....yes well, she only knew English, so she jumped up and down hollering and waving her arms. Scared the little fellow off. You know, she hired a house girl for only 2 American dollars a month. She did all the cooking and cleaning. What a deal. Was very respectful. Very happy for the job.
Interesting. Thanks for posting.
Thanks. Here's an interesting article.

Manila, Philippines- Rising numbers of Philippine visitors are being arrested and deported by Macau for carrying amulets and lucky charms made of bullets, the foreign department said Friday, December 20, 2013.
These Filipinos underwent detention and a trial and were meted the penalty of deportation and blacklisting.
Although the Philippines is an overwhelming Catholic nation, belief in amulets and good-luck charms is pervasive.
Some Filipino males keep amulets, including rocks, bones, bullets or shell casings suspended from key chains or necklaces, in the belief they will keep them harm or bring them good luck.
It reminds me of the article, I can't find, of the girl here in the States who got suspended for filing her nails in class. The file could be a weapon. Why stop there! Why not ban all the #2 pencils too for fear of lead poison.
So true don't forget scirrors,paper cutters-the ones with an arm & has a blade on it,you lift & cut the paper,very dangerous.Also band all sprays,your body can be classed as a weapon,shoe laces,eye wear,belts,etc.Poor kid that's just not right.Cool stories kinda like that man who accidently left a Bible in the bathroom.Wow that made headlines,charges against him,the whole nine yards.I just can't remember where it was.Ty 4 shareing,hope 2 read more.You always have great stories 2 tell.

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