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Electrical Sensation What is it?
What are you walking on when you do this?
(08-26-2014, 10:04 PM)EgoDefeating25 Wrote: I'm wondering if anyone can help me get some answers. I can cause a tingling sensation throughout my entire body. It's almost like being zapped by electricity but it isn't painful (it isn't exactly pleasurable). The feeling is very intense and I can only hold it for a few seconds before it becomes overwhelming. I have always been able to do this as far as I can remember. Its like a reflex I can cause it to happen whenever. I did notice my eyes dilate during this experience. Does anybody know what may be going on or what I am doing exactly with my body? I don't want to continue if it may be harming me though it doesn't seem to cause any adverse effects. Please if anybody knows whats happening I would really appreciate any help/answers you can provide. Maybe someone else out there can also do this as well.

I don't know what it is, but while my mom took her last breath a few years ago, I was in the room with her and felt that type of shock.... Thought it was a heart attack but doctors said no. I was healthy. I think her spirit went through me.... It was a good and bad feeling. Maybe spirits go through you when you at will.
Actually you know what OP. There is another camp called ASMR.

My doctor says I have a condition called somatic seizures, which are very different than ASMR, however many scientists will refer to ASMR as seizures, and I know it is wrong in many senses.

Try ASMR, see if that triggers you. It may.

I could get into a few odd ball theories. Are you getting goosebumps?

Is the sensation limited to chakra areas?

And so on... It is all probably connected in one way shape or form. However if you go to a doctor, they will call them somatic seizures, most probably, and again, they are nothing like ASMR. I get both ASMR and somatic seizures, they are both very distinctly different. However they may occur concurrently at times with me.

Another phenominon is SSRI withdrawl syndrome, and I know what that feels as as well, and it is neither anything remotely similar to ASMR or somatic seizures.

There are many electrical events in the human body.

Have you ever heard of Ampullae of Lorenzini? That might help you understand more from a physiological sense.
I have always had a a sensitive to energy, and this is the first I have ever heard someone explain an occurrence like that. Because I have something similar, I'll explain and see if its like what your experiencing. I have, at will, a capability to draw sometime of movement within my inner self where it seems to start around my stomach and the more I focus on it, it becomes more intense to where I have to stop. Now it very well could be a movement made, at will,that causes a type of inner bodily change to make me feel uneasy. I've never been able to explain and I can't hold the that feeling for very long. It's almost like it raises my blood pressure.
For me I wonder what you would call it.
Chi seems like it would be the cause its hard to tell
I have a problem with electrical shock so much that fire shoots out of my hands.
When I used to play the guitar with my Dad and we would switch guitars fire would shoot from my hand through his. He would fuss at me cause I made the sparks fly lol. I never worried about it because it's just that my body has too much electricity. When I touch my cats on their noses fire will shoot out occasionally. My Scooter slapped me once lol because fire shot from his nose.
Touching the light switch will do the same thing, or the car handle, or frig.
I've had it so long it does not bother me.
I'm just sensitive to the electrical field.
"It's Not Static" UFO

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