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Who believes in magic?
(09-18-2014, 04:27 PM)Oldfield Wrote:
(07-29-2014, 09:28 PM)bethoc Wrote: Magick is the term for something that happens that modern science cannot explain. Magick exists as it always has.

One of Arthur C Clarke's 'Three Laws': "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Also the findings of Werner Heisenberg, the theoretical physicist are that your intention can change physical reality, as the world responds to thoughts. In perceiving something differently, your observation will change its response. In the quantum zone experiments are affected by expectations and intentions of researchers' experiments.

Well said!
Well are magic and miracles different names for the same phenomena?
In my mind, I kind of think what certain people call magic is sometimes just something we can't yet understand. It could be the same with miracles, but I think of miracles as things that happen out of the blue, not with intent or manipulation.

I've always tied the term "magic" to the tricks done by magicians - sleight of hand or for entertainment. I think this is why people who believe in a more esoteric form of manipulating reality call it "majick."

But I believe that magic in all forms involves some sort of manipulation - making stuff happen.

That's just my personal understanding, not necessarily that of anyone else.
Depends upon your definition of magic....jmo! Smile
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
I definitely believe in the existence of the element of "magic" which to me, as I have stated before is "neutral" and those gifted enough to use it I wish them well in how it is used.
Ammo is expensive. Don't expect a warning shot.Scream_72

Look to your ancestors, all through out time there have been depicting a of magic and things happening just out of the blue, listen to this... When science can't explain, it has to be supernatural, yes as human beings we are more powerful then we think and its all in the mind, scientists are baffled by the amount of brain power we can posses and utilize, its just that there is so much going on in our daily lives, it takes away from unlocking our true potential, "we are the gods of our own world"
Magic - staged
Magick - aided
Miracles - neither staged nor aided, but the impossible made possible by faith.

I like a good illusion show. Because I know it's staged but I can't help but think, how? I mean, really, how? It brings the child out of me and a sense of wonder and excitement that everything is possible and I love that sense of feeling. I have time to be a sensible, logical adult every other day. But no one can take away the child in me.
The hero is brave in deeds as well as words - Aesop

Please all, and you will please none - Aesop
"Well, the term "magic" is too broad for me to give an accurate answer as to if I believe or not.

But...I can make some caveats here, for ya, and see if it helps a bit. At the top of your OP you mentioned as an example "moving things around with your mind." Well, this is called "telekinesis" and I can unequivocally say, no, I do NOT believe in that. I just do not see how there could be a viable "medium" of 'acting force" that would enable that--one then emanates from the mind, that is.

James Randi has had an outstanding $1 Million Reward for anyone who can do it. And this includes even moving a super-sensitive scale that can detect, say, milligrams. If someone in a controlled setting could move a scale tray the equivalent of, say, the weight detected from a teaspoon of sugar--Randi will gladly pay-up.

In the thirty years since the monies have been offered nobody has done this. about other types of "magic." Well, I do not believe in god..or any of the miracles of the bible. I think they are merely allegorical and mythological. I do not believe in the power of Intercessory prayer--you know: praying for someone to get better from an illness. The only power I believe prayer has is as an emotional placebo effect for the person doing the praying.

Demons" Ghosts? Hmm..yes. Sometimes. I have seen ghosts. (If you're interested see my post on the "famous haunted places" thread. it was at on old Civil War battlefield out in Tennessee. On two successive nights. There was no question in my mind I was seeing something viable.

And I have experienced demons and seen them at work a couple times. I think ghosts and demons are just some sort of residual energy fields that are behaving as a sort of conduit between out minds and the generating source: whatever that may be. It is like an arc between, say. two electrodes comprised of a positive and a negative charge. Also, the conditions have to be just right for the apparitions to appear.

I think that some people--a very few--are imbued with the talent of clairvoyance or pecognition. You know: psychics. They are the elite, like gifted musicians, artists or athletes. I think that 95% of the folks who clami psychic ability are bogus.

Overall I classify myself as a skeptic. But I have had expereinces my skeptical side cannot refute. Back in Austin several years ago I dated a witch for a few weeks. I saw her make a flower die in her apartment. And then bring a dead one back to life at another location and time. I saw her light a candle in MY house from about five feet away. Twice. And extinguish them. When she performed all these things, I felt a flush in my face; she even exclaimed "Tim, your face is SO red!" Like when you get embarrassed, or blush. Or physically exerted. The ambient temp in the room also seemed to raise a few degrees--not much, mind you, only a little. And I thought I heard a high=pitched ringing in my ears when she did the flower thing.

I believe some places are haunted--which is the term we use when those aforementioned energy residues are around.

Remote Viewing ans Astral Projection--to me the jury is still out. When I was in the military I spoke briefly one night with my CO's buddy, who was retired then, but was a member of the old Project Stargate where the government experimented with Remote Viewing.(He is in mentioned in the book that the movie "Men who Stare at Goats" is based on. He told me some very thought-provoking stuff.

Yet--the government d/c'd funding to Stargate a few years ago because of alleged "lack of viable results."

I think there is more out there than meets the eye, but a little less then some people claim. LOL
Yeah, everything is a technology, so the supernatural is simply a natural phenominon, and should there be magic, which there is, then it is a technology.

Miracles = Magic = you get the idea.

In ancient times, they considered holy water magic. Well, it performed miracles, due to the technology of natural herbs and oils.

Frankenscense and Mhyrr combos have a synergistic anti-microbial property, it's a miracle medicine.

So, what other magics are there, and how far back in time do we need to go to consider what it took for that magic technology to be develope or discovered.

It's is probably eons old and goes back to neanderthal, who were herbalists, and some suspect they were also into artificial cranial deformation about 50,000 years ago.


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