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Who believes in magic?
Magick is the term for something that happens that modern science cannot explain. Magick exists as it always has. I've been studying Extra Sensory Perception a lot lately because I have an incredibly strong form of it. Not everyone has been born with it and so not everyone believes in it. Those who use it to accomplish tasks practice a form of 'self-magick'' ; the ability to influence both your surroundings and those around you. Some use this for good ie (White Magick) and others have been reported as using it to do harm to others as in the highly popularized Voodoo form.

That's my personal belief on it but I do not think it has much to do with organized religion.
Oh boy, where to start.

Firstly, all magic is what you call "self magic". Even at it's most basic definitions, magic must affect SOMETHING to be magic.

Secondly, Voodoo is not magick. Voodoo is a particular form of stage magic and parlor tricks found in New Orleans.

Finally, if Voodoo is supplemented with it's magickal counterpart, Hoodoo, it is rarely done to hurt others. When it is, few people percieve what they are doing as wrong. In some ethical systems, revenge, self-defense, and making a slightly dishonest living are all perfectly acceptable actions.
"I guess the battle between Good and Evil is sort of irrelevant."
Survey says?!!...
I use magick in my day to day life. I don't brag about this the way I did when I was younger and inexperienced, because my guides and the higher entities that watch over me do not like me acting as though I am playing with a toy. I have experienced the positives of using magick responsibly and the negatives of using it with abandon.

The best way to regard magick, however you perceive it, is not think if it as something you wield or command. Think of the young wizard in The Last Unicorn. When he tried to force the magick everything went awry. Only when he said, "Magic, do as you will" did he experience the real nature of his gifts because he acknowledged that there was an intelligence behind the magick that was not going to be ordered around.

That's the conclusion I have come to in these past few years and it does make all the difference.

Nate, when you used to read Tarot Cards, do you feel there was a magic in the cards themselves, some intelligence, and you were used as a medium? Also, why did you stop reading?
In the 1882 animated "The Last Unicorn", I found this line to be most truthful.
Molly Grue, is looking exasperated down at the cat with an eye patch. "Why won't you help me? Why must you always speak in riddles?"
The Cat: A black and white fluffy thing with a peg leg. "Because I be, what I be. I would tell you what you want to know if I could, mum, but I be a cat. And no cat anywhere, ever gave anyone a straight answer."
(09-16-2014, 10:12 AM)Itheblaze Wrote: In the 1882 animated "The Last Unicorn", I found this line to be most truthful.

Wow. Jeff Bridges must have been really young then. Tongue

To answer your question, the main reason I stopped reading is because I was doing it for the wrong reasons. When I came to Salem, I came here with the intention of using my gift to make money and because of my situation in late 2010 and the beginning of 2011, I cared more for my own survival than for that of the people I should have been reading for.

I do believe now as I did then, that there was an intelligence guiding my readings. That my spiritual guides were communicating with those I was reading. I also came to realize that while tarot reading was a vehicle for my getting to Salem, it was not the reason I am supposed to be here.

I know that's probably not a by the numbers answer, but I hope it makes sense. Smile
He was young and so handsome! Lol. Anyway, what happened when you used your gift wrong? Some kinda bad luck followed you, till you righted yourself? So, why do you think you were guided to Salem? Do your gifts go down the family line? The Grandparents, parents, siblings?
Sorry hon. Nothing personal, but I don't want to hijack this thread with my life story.
Fair enough. Maybe you'll start a thread. Talk to you in a another post. Later.
(07-29-2014, 09:28 PM)bethoc Wrote: Magick is the term for something that happens that modern science cannot explain. Magick exists as it always has.

One of Arthur C Clarke's 'Three Laws': "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Also the findings of Werner Heisenberg, the theoretical physicist are that your intention can change physical reality, as the world responds to thoughts. In perceiving something differently, your observation will change its response. In the quantum zone experiments are affected by expectations and intentions of researchers' experiments.

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