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Who believes in magic?
[Magic cannot be magic unless it produces the desired result. Do I believe that miracles happen? are they the same thing? Miraculous things happen without human cooperation They leave us wondering if they could be replicated and if so how?. Does the viewing of a miracle lead us to believe it is a natural event or has there been a superhuman influence? So are there superior intelligences who have learned how to take advantage of the natural laws of physics and are trying to get us to open our minds ? Your thoughts welcomed please
Depends upon your definition of magic?? what is magic to some isn't to others!
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
Do you believe in Magic,...... in a young girl's heart.
How the music can free her, whenever it starts.
And it's Magic,.......if the music is groovy.
And it makes you feel happy like an old time movie.
Who song this oldie but goodie?
Lovin Spoonful.
How about: Don't turn your back on me baby x2
Black magic woman.....
Sweeter than wine.
Softer than the summer night.
Everything I want , I have.
Whenever, I hold you tight.
This Magic moment,
While your lips are close to mine.
Will last forever,
Forever till the end of ti-i-i-ime!
Magic moment.
Magic moment.
sung by who?
OOOOH I know!! Jay Black and The Americans.

How about this..

Ho Ho Ho It's Magic
Never believe it's not so,
It's magic, you know
Never believe it's not so. : )
The 'Drifters' also in 1960
Ho Ho Ho it's Magic-good one. From the band called 'Totp'.
Here's another:
Every little thing she does is Magic.
Everything she do just turns me on.
Even though my life before was tragic.
Now I know my love for her goes on.
The Police ! Great band. We're showing our age here!
Got a black magic woman
Don't put your spell on me baby,
Black magic woman.....
Yup I feel way 2 old.
#20 too I also recognised them all. Aaaarrrhhh the oldies are always the best!
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!

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