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Yer doin Runes wrong
So a lot of people seem to have misconceptions about Runes. I feel that there is no one correct way to do divination with whatever tool, but there are still many ways to do it wrong. Especially with Runes.

Heres a little list of things that irk me:

-Runecasting is ancient: There is no evidence that Runes were used in divination, save for references to "casting lots". This is generally assumed to be Runes, but it could mean anything. Even if they are Runes, that would still only make them a few hundred years old!

-Runes are just letters: Actually, Runes have spirits. They are sentient.

-A Rune can be reversed: Runes do have "reversed" meanings (called Merkstave), but a Rune landing reversed does not mean it is Merkstave. In fact, because of the way they are drawn, it is physically impossible for some to land reversed!

-There is a blank rune: No. Just no.

- You can read Rune meanings from a book: Each Rune has many different and contradictory meanings. You must get to know your particular set to understand whether Fehu means Frey, wealth, stupidity, or labor.

- If you draw Runes they will work for divination: There's actually an extremely complex traditional way of making Runes for casting. Ignoring the type of wood that most don't adhere to, you're still expected to fill the Runes with your blood and sing (Galdr) the name of the Rune into the Rune you are making. This is to mimic the creation of man by Odin, Vili, and Vii.
"I guess the battle between Good and Evil is sort of irrelevant."
Awesome notes, Punky!

Runes are definitely complex and it takes a special talent to read or, especially, make them. Personally, tarot and definitely runes have always been a bit beyond me (my talents lie elsewhere). I operate at the novice level at best. I've had more luck with a simple deck of playing cards, so kudos to you!

FYI (and I'm sure you know this): you can make a lot of money doing rune readings at fairs, farmers markets, etc. Tarot readers do well, but it is a more common skill, kinda like the difference between being a tattoo artist and a nail and hammer tattoo artist.

Anyway, I only have one disagreement with the points you made. And I've heard it said about tarot cards too. Runes and cards are not sentient. We are sentient. They are a tool for the projection of energy, most often psychic energy.

This is a common, and almost understandable, but also pretty flighty, error. Cards or runes may feel sentient, but it is only because they are a representation of archetypal forms familiar to the collective unconscious. It is we, the living, who project life and energy onto these objects, not the other way around.

How well these objects work for you is a demonstration of your own connection to a particular vein of the subconscious. It is important to recognize this, especially if you do many readings. No gift comes without responsibility. Do not cede your giftedness (or responsibility for it) unto objects that have no demonstrable will.

This is a mistake that can easily lead to more serious errors in judgment when dealing with psychic or paranormal matters. Remember this and it will keep you more grounded, which will make you a more effective reader, and could lead to more respect from friends and/or clients (and potentially more money).

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