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a "magic" puzzle book
This is going to be sort of difficult for me to explain. I'm 20 years old now and every time I recount this story to anyone, I get laughed at and waved off.

When I was around 10 and my little sister was 9, my mom bought us these cheap little puzzle books from the dollar store. They were the same ones. The ones with crosswords and word searches and connect the numbers and things like that. Just a simple puzzle book. It was October and I had been watching Halloweentown and other movies like that and decided after doing a few puzzles and stuff to see if I could get the pages to flutter and turn like they do in movies. Like where you make it turn in a wave sort of. (This is really hard for me to describe- if you are confused message me and maybe I can find a video of what I'm talking about to show you)
My sister did it, too. We were doing all of the same puzzles. We turned back to the page we were working on and all traces of any pencil markings were gone. There was no evidence that anything had ever even touched the page. It looked brand new. We were amazed. We fluttered the pages again and went back to it- Only some of the pencil markings were gone. We did this over and over to see what else changed. The page numbers were out of order and sometimes a page would be blank, things like that.

I know for a fact what I saw and I know it wasn't my imagination or anything like that. I've always been a big believer in the paranormal and things of that nature and I've never been able to find out what exactly it was that was happening that day.

Please help me figure it out!
Well I'll be not 2 sure,but some1 here I'm sure has an answer.Sorry I could'nt help more,keep the faith.
Trick or treeeeat! Sounds like a trickster spirit played you and your sister for sport.
Hey I got to thinkin about this,could it be 1 of those invisible ink things.I've seen children play with these activity books.they can write or do anything & then use a special type pen to see what they did.One minute there then it's gone,it's pretty neat.
we were just using standard pencils from around the house. the puzzle book had a clown on the back. could it have been one of those things clowns use? how do they work?
But your Mom got it at the dollar store. They would just be cheap little puzzle books. I really could have been a trickster spirit, playing a joke.
When you mentioned a clown maybe it's IT or The House of a 1000 corpses.Blaze is probably right just some enity trickster.Either way I've always despised clowns.

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