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My Story: The Rotting, Black Figure
(05-15-2014, 08:58 PM)M1cr0b1al Wrote: I assure you I was not paralyzed by fear. Even before I saw whatever it was, I was still paralyzed. This effect is due to the brain still being in REM sleep when an episode of Sleep Paralysis occurs. During this sleep the brain releases a chemical that prevents the person dreaming from moving around and acting out the dream. When you have sleep paralysis, you regain consciousness, but that chemical is still activated, so you are unable to move. In stronger cases, auditory and visual hallucinations also occur.

Besides that, I have a neurological condition in which prevents me from feeling fear in a way a common person, without the condition, feels fear.

I'm well aware what sleep paralysis is as described by science. I wouldn't agree that there are no experiences that are entity-related.
I feel the same way. It would seem likely that at least a small percentage of these incidences are actually Ghost-related, or at least have something to do with them.

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