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What if you can't get back to your body?
I repeat, this problem is only when taking hallucinogens or when people do rituals and meditations deeper than normal, there is no risk in the regular astral projections, we always come back from that, its 100% safe to explore. But people with mental issues should focus on recovering the synthony of this reality instead of trying to expand more to the others. If you can't deal even with this world, less you can deal with this world plus the others. Some crazy shamans know how to act like if they were sane, behavior here is an art, we gotta learn to behave normal before expanding too much.
Alzheimer is a phisical illness, but other types of dementia mean that part of the soul got lost in a traumatic episode and is unable to come back. That's the case of depression, that's why medicine cannot cure depression, since they don't know even about the existence of the soul. But expert shamans can cure depression convincing the "scared piece of soul" to come back to this plane.
I found that when I worked in hospitals & other places.Certain meds did work,although they(doctors)tinkered with it,till they gave the right dose,that & therapy.
(08-16-2014, 01:38 PM)MrsMultiTasker Wrote: I found that when I worked in hospitals & other places.Certain meds did work,although they(doctors)tinkered with it,till they gave the right dose,that & therapy.
The first thing to convince the piece of scared soul to cone back to the surface is making it attractive, creating an environment of love and relaxation, hot tubs, massage, hugs, nice scents, relaxing teas, ( I don't believe in pills like prozac or clonaxepam, I think that only turn people into zombies), I recommend passiflora., artemisia, triptophane. Maybe the lost part decides to come back when it sees that everything is OK now. But to reinforce that, is good to help calling the person, play their favorite music, go to the place where the trauma happened and call the person name in loud voice "Hey you X, what are you doing there? Let's go, we are waiting for you!
Nawal, have you ever lost a part of you soul? If yes what were your symptoms?
Maybe I did when my mother died when I was two, but not that bad, I have always been strong emotionally. I became extremely violent instead of depressive like an autodefense nd finally learned to canalize my anger, but the normal symptoms of losing soul are depression, sadness and feel like floating in limbo, lack of attention. All depressions are lost of soul and must be treated fast before is too late, soul becomes unrecoverable after certain time.
unless, the silver cord that connects you to your astral body breaks, you will always be able to get back in your body. Smile so, no worries a about that. they say you can even astral project to the ends of the universe, because that silver cord is never ending. Smile but, like i said, unless the cord that connects you to your astral body breaks, you will always be able to get back into your physical body.
So what if this cord breaks?Is there an emergancy cord?Kind of like a parachute,emergancy rip cord?
I'm renovating my flat and have got depressed.
Now i know why, thanks for that info
It's weird. I don't get depressed, feeling better already with just the tough of making it tidy
that's a reply to nawal
(05-13-2014, 05:55 PM)Itheblaze Wrote: For that matter, what's to stop some other spirit jumping in and using your body? What if some evil energy/spirit won't let you back in, does the body go into a coma? Does it die?

Funny you should ask.

After I returned from Iraq and finished my four-year Army enlistment, I began having nightmares regarding an unpleasant occurrence I witnessed during the Gulf War. (I think I mentioned it in another thread once, that dealt with lucid dreaming). I was a tank driver, and suffice it to say that what I witessed had to do with death and fire and was fairly ghastly.

So as I preventive measure to stop these nightmares--which were VERY real and lucid and disturbing--I would wake up sweating so bad I had to change the sheets because they were soaked--I began to drink.

I suppose, in retrospect, I was technically suffering from PTSD, although I rarely would experience anything during my waking hours that would be what we call a "trigger" event. Oh...certain smells would do it, but that's about it and they really did not significantly impact my life.

But, man, I began drinking a LOT. First beer..maybe a six-pack or more a night. Then I built up such a tolerance that wouldnt' work sufficiently, so I switched to vodka. Ahh...Absolut and tonic..or just Absolut with a bunch of fruit slices. A pint a night.

This obviously lead to a bad end...I had to go into a VA 28-day rehab, and I quit drinking and got on some meds to take an night. (Which I no longer take, btw).

So..when I was detoxing I had these crazily lucid, powerful dreams! I guess it was my nerve synapses "waking-up." Or, rather, becoming un-anesthetized. Almost all of these wild dreams involved going out of body. Astral Projection. A couple of them actually worked. I had them verified. Like one where I dreamt I "flew" back to Austin to my parents' house and saw a brand-new hot-tub in the backyard gazebo. They had not told me about it, as I hadn't spoken with my parents for months.

So when I called then on the phone and asked when they got the tub...well, they asked me how I knew! (I confess I did not want to go into the whole astral projection deal, so I just mumbled something about how, well,, "you musta told me about it before."

But they did not.

Anyway--(yes, I do have a point! LOL--one of these nights dreaming I could not get back to my body. There was a sort of dark Guardian sitting at my bedside. Over my body. Who would not let me in! it was as if I walked into my bedroom and saw myself laying on the bed and this guy, all dressed in black. old Victorian-style, replete with top-hat, calmly sitting there and explaining calmly and cooly as if to a child that he would not allow me back in.

For reasons I may explain later--but prolly wont--I have always called him "Dieter."

This was one of the scariest nights of my entire life. I admit here that I woke-up crying like a baby. It took hours and hours before I could calm down. My conversation with him was like that of The Grand Inquisitor in Doestoyevsky's "The Brothers Karamozov." Some of you may be familiar with it.

He basically accused me of being a lifelong ingrate..wanting to escape my body and all the alleged gifts I had been imbued with. he called me a "Serpent's Tooth." (from Shakespeare?)

Recounting this now makes the hairs on my arms stand-up. And this was over 10 years ago!

What could be worse then being denied entrance into yourself? Your own body. And I did not like the spirits who were around me when I was in limbo, either.

For this reason I have never, nor will ever, attempt Astral Projection. Yes--I do practice lucid dreaming, but that is it. I admit to being terrified that Dieter is watching and waiting for me to foray once again so he can permanently banish me.
This is a subject that absolutely terrifies me. I can't imagine being cognizant of not being in my body. No thanks, not for me. I like good old mother earth and I guess I'll leave when I'm suppose to but until then I'm going plant my feet right here on terra firma. I just hope it never happens to me accidentally, like in my sleep.

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