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16th century 'vampire' unearthed
From a news article...

For centuries people in the Middle Ages lived in fear of vampires.
And now a telling sign of the precautionary measures they took against the mythical creatures has been found in northwestern Poland.

The grave of the suspected terror was found in Kamien Pomorski and has all the markings of a vampire burial.

The body is believed to date back to the 16th century, although the absence of personal effects makes it difficult to date.
It was found during a dig in the cemetery next to the town church.
Its features are reminiscent of similar vampire burials that have been found in the past.

The most obvious sign of this being a vampire burial was the stake through its leg.
Many suspected vampires are found nailed or staked to the ground to prevent them rising from the ground.
‘Initially we thought he had suffered a leg wound,’ dig leader Slawomir Gorka told Kamienskie.

‘But from sifting through the earth underneath, we realised there was a hole likely made from a puncture.'
The mouth was also found without its teeth with a piece of brick in their place, which supposedly stopped the vampire rising and sinking its teeth into victims.

[Image: article-2627080-1DCAB27400000578-214_634x356.jpg][Image: article-2627080-1DCAB26200000578-204_634x356.jpg]

Read more:
Life is a train, not the station.....
I never heard about knocking the front teeth out like that. Also, if they really believed they were dealing with a Vampire they'd pour salt on the body. They had to really believe though because salt back then was expensive.
I never knew they went to such extremes.I know at one point back in the early 18-19 centuary they tied bells to the dead persons foot or hand.Apparently I guess they were burying people alive,whom they thought were dead.Whether it holds truth I'm not sure,but I read it in the Librarys archives.
I've seen in some excavated supposed vampire burials where the head was removed and placed between the feet!
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
Although this one is from folklore, not from an unearthed grave, I have heard a story where a vampire was exhumed, had it's shroud and burial clothes removed, then was buried again. The logic was that no self-respecting vampire would go about naked!
That's just too funny!
Lol oh my a nudist for a vampire,yikes!!To cut of their heads is a bit extreme,but I guess it works.They have a headless horseman,why not a vampire,except she or he would have to carry their head.

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