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Past-Life Regression Session
Im reading this guy's book. Anyone like to try this out, a regression can do in your own home?

His books are really good and well worth reading.
Haven't tried this but I do have some past life memories...always have, so does my hubby.
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
Not to be rude I found this video did nothing for me.I followed all the prompts,I had a garden in my mind,my childhood memory was not good,but somehow my mind went to that particular moment.Then the womb was caos,the birth I kept feeling no love,& very cold.I got as far as to opening the door went to open it & my phone went dead,weird.So Im going to try this with my hubby tonite & see what happens.Thanks for shareing & keep the faith.
Tried this for fun. I feel my mind was to blocked but he did say it takes a few tries to get use to it. For the womb part I felt in very tight quarters. For the door part something came to me but I don't if I made it up or not.
I tried it. I was very much in a trance which I thought wouldn't be possible. It wasn't easy to visualize stuff but I did get some fragments. I was an older lady in the 1930s, in my home state (where much of my family is from). I saw my husband, my oven, my dress (a simple brown cotton dress with a lace collar) and my black shoes, and my car. I don't know much about history but the things match pictures on the internet from that time period. I also saw the surroundings, which were mostly forest and sand.

Interestingly, I had some scenes in my head which I thought were past life memories, but they didn't fit this scenario at all. I want to do this video again. Hopefully things will become more clear.

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