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Strange experience during a meditation session
Today while I was at school I decided to try and meditate to recollect myself. I started out by imagining myself sitting on my bed and looking at a candle on a table in the middle of my bedroom that provided enough light so that I could see the rest of my bedroom. After a while of imagining the candle in the middle of my bedroom I imagined it sitting on a dresser at the opposite end of my bedroom; it was only illuminating the sides of a little alcove above the dresser so I moved it back to the center of the room. Around this time I stopped consciously controlling what was going on, and I was so immersed in my meditation that I didn't really hear any of the sounds around me. After a few seconds, the candle went out and I was in pitch darkness for a while before torches along the walls of the room I was now in burst into flames. I noticed that the room was made out of stone, sort of like a room in a castle. There was a candle in the middle of the table at which I was seated, and when it flickered to life the torches went out; I could barely make out an empty chair across from me; it looked like it was made from leather, and as I looked at it I got the feeling that there was some sentient being that I couldn't see sitting in the chair. After a while I decided to leave my body and walked around to the other end of the table; I still couldn't see anything sitting in the fancy chair, but I could turn around and look at myself sitting in my chair. I went back in my body, and the small candle went out; just like when I'd first entered this space, the torches lit up and I saw a robed figure sitting in the fancy chair, and I felt like he was friendly and that he wanted to tell me something, but he never actually communicated with me. Eventually the small candle went out again, and the light of a full moon started shining through a barred wind and illuminated the fancy chair and that area of the table in front of it (the chair was now empty again) Right as the moonlight hit the chair my eyes started shaking and I felt myself fall backwards through the chair and I ended up looking through the bottom of the table at the robed figure, who was again sitting in his char. Even though I didn't fall through the floor, I still felt myself falling and my eyes were twitching like crazy. It was a really weird feeling and it kinda freaked me out, so I willed myself to get back in the chair and for the torches to come on; at that point the robed figure and I both stood up from the table, and he led me to a wooden door that looked like the type you'd see in a castle; I opened it and found myself standing on a ledge around the top of a spire, and it was totally surrounded by a whirlwind of reddish-brown clouds. I looked down and I didn't see anything below me except the clouds, and my experience switched to a view of the spire, where I saw myself standing at the top with other "levels" below mine. That's where my meditation ended and I snapped back into reality.

Has anybody else had an experience similar to this? I felt like that castle/spire was a safe place, and I felt at peace while I was there. I'm not sure if that has any significance, but that makes me think this wasn't exactly astral projection but it seemed like more than just a meditation.

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