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Vampires: Facts, Info, and Q & A
I'm Dusk. I've been watching this forum for a while and reading all the strange things posted in this sections. I have to say that some of these things are accurate, but most of them baffle me...
Despite how much you might doubt it, I am a vampire. The purpose of me writing this is so misinformation doesn't get spread around and suddenly everybody begins believing it.

To Begin, I will list some facts about vampires.
Vampires are real.
There are no "spells" or "magic" that can make you a vampire, no matter how much or how many people tell you it will work.
Most vampires drink blood.
Some vampires feed on energy.
Some do both.
Vampires have very sensitive senses.
Vampires have natural empathy.
Vampires will be weak and feel terrible when they don't feed.
Contrary to popular Hollywood beliefs vampires aren't allergic to garlic, don't burst into flames in the sun, and don't sparkle.
However, vampires are bothered by sunlight or really any bright light due to sensitive sight and skin, but it will by no means kill them.
Vampires are more pale than normal people, but not to the point of being extremely obvious like commonly portrayed.
The blood a vampire drinks doesn't have to be human, or even live.
Vampires aren't necessarily evil.
A vampire can be a vampire and not know it.
A lot of vampires that know they're vampires will be open about it, but some don't want people to known.
Vampires are people too; they have rights.
It becomes annoying when people ask to be turned.
Being a vampire is not fun, so there's no point to wanting to be one. Its something you'll hear from any real vampire.
Being a vampire will not make your life better, will not get you more friends, will not make anything easier, will not fix anything for you. In fact, it would most likely make things worse.

Now that I've covered the basics, you can ask any question you want. I will be happy to answer almost any question. The exception to that would be "will you make me a vampire" because the answer is automatically "no" so don't ask. Everything else is fine. Ask away. [Image: sleek.png]
What about bedtime hours? Up all night, sleep all day?

Are there vegetarian vampires, that don't like blood?

My husband nicknamed me "bat", because I don"t like sunlight or sun coming through my windows. I figured...I have sensitive eyes.
whow my husband says the same thing,lol i have black certains in my room so during the day my room will be dark.:sqglasses:
its like being a caulbearer,its like a curse.
when i was small i always wanted to be a witch now i am.
Sooo....You're basically a mosquito that has to pay taxes. Well... That Sucks!
(04-14-2014, 08:02 AM)Itheblaze Wrote: Sooo....You're basically a mosquito that has to pay taxes. Well... That Sucks!


Dusk, to say I am raising the skeptical eyebrow to this claim is an understatement. I would caution anyone to keep in mind that none of the 'facts' given are proven and there are some dangers in thinking that one might be a vampire if they take it to the level of biting. Human bites can be pretty lethal.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

In order to get a buzz, do ya hafta drink a drunk? Enquiring minds want to know.
I guess you don't have divorce, you just suck each other dry.
Soooo..... Are u a wham, bam, thank you mam, suck a quart and go kinda guy? Or do you stand by your women, in till she's to weak to of course?
Do you have to pay more for the RH- blood-type?
How many Vampires does it take to change a light bulb?
That's silly, why would they change out the light bulb?
Now, on to serious matters. You say Vampires have rights. Look, what you do privately is your affair. What you do in public is everyone's business. That's why laws, (some unfair) have been set up to keep people somewhat civilized. I just don't see any laws being passed that you can publicly drink blood. Say in Denny's, some mentally disturbed waitress splitting a vein open in the back so you can drink out of a fancy glass and scare all the kids. You don't see Gays sucking face at a public restaurant. That's what the bathroom at private clubs are for, and the showers at the YMCA. Out of site out of mind.
I don't mind if Vampires become preachers/priests though. The way priests are sucking the seed out of little boys, and the Big Rich Churches sucking the wallets dry, I figure you'll be with your own kind.
is this a serious matter?
when i was small i always wanted to be a witch now i am.
If it affects your life personally it can be. Like if my son, who's a Marine, suddenly went " Wacky Macky" and started eating a chicken live and drinking it's blood, I would have to put him in 72hour psy lock up. Lol! I think this post is just for fun though. I'm glad Dust started it.

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