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Needing Advice
It would have been too quick for you to do anything should you have tried but again it may be friendly so wait and see. If you feel threatened then talk to your parents again and approach your church as you have a strong faith use it....
Again keep us updated and don't fear. Smile
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
I agree with Pop & Pix but do be careful.Talk to your Mama,Priest,both,get help.Keep us posted,& keep the faith.
(04-28-2014, 09:30 PM)Drangelon Wrote: The thing is though why would it chose me to follow at of all the people in the world. Its just a question that bothers me a lot. And for how long will i need to keep my guard up with whatever this thing is?

Until you discover the power that you have. Be the hunter instead of pray, chase him instead he chases you, use all the methods that you have to win the battle, this is YOUR WAR, its YOU who has to win it in the battlefield, we here only can help you with logistic.
Michael Archangel and Mary can help you with their presence, but it is YOUR war, depends on YOUR ATTITUDE.

Ask yourself these questions.
What you prefer to be, winner or looser?
pray or hunter?
slave or master?
eat or be eaten?

You choose, we have free will here, everyone fits into its place
Amen 2 that!!Nicely put nawal,high 5!!
Sorry, my English is awful, I wrote "pray" instead of "prey".
(04-08-2014, 08:23 PM)Drangelon Wrote: Hello my name is Angel. I'm 16 years old.

I think i may be having paranormal problems. And i need some advice. It all started 4 years ago at my dads house. His house was old and it had a history of being haunted but i was actually intersted in that stuff so it didnt bother me....well maybe a little but i was more excited than scared. So anyway over a period of 8 weeks i had my door open by itself, my lights flickered, i seen shadows in my room and basement, i even thought i heard my name being called out. But i guess they could have explanations so i didnt think much of it. But the thing that may me kniw it was haunted was the feeling i got at random times. It was a feeling of anxiety of fee 'll ing like i was in danger but in my head i was thinking what i be in danger of, and because it was at random times it make me think, why is this happening now. But after 8 weeks i went back home with my mom. Then one night of around sometime of june 2013. I was sitting in my room, on my computer, watching videos. (My turned away from my door). When i got the feeling of someone entering my room. Now i have 4 cats so i figured it was one of them. Then the feeling of someones presence got so stronger i can feel it on my shoulders and it was heavy. Right when i was about to turn around to see who it was, i heard a whisper right by my ear that sounded like a man saying "I'm back". Then i hear my door slam. Im the only guy in the house so freaked out. I put my hands over my face because i was terrified to see who it was. Weeks went by and the only experiences i had was seeing shadows in the corner of my eye. But i thiught it was passing cars because i was by a window each time. Then my mom gets married and we moved into my step dads house in December 2013. Thats when things got worst. It started the first day all all my stuff got moved into my room. Now i like sleeping with the tv on and because i didnt have cable in my room yet i camped out in the living room. I woke up around 3AM the next morning. To only see this shadowy figure go into the wall. Now i just woke up so i thought ohk im just seeing things. But later that day thinking about how fairly shape the shadow was of a human i was thinking maybe it wasnt my imangination. Then one day i had a dream that i was laying in bed with my eyes close and i knew someone was in the room with me. My mom and step dad are two doors down so i thought if i screamed they can rush in and see what was there because i was terrified. The thing was though i didnt know how knew someone was there or knew what was in the room with me i just knew it was evil. So right when i was gonna scream i felt two hands go over my throat and choke me so i couldnt scream at all. I strugle without opening my eyes, but it seem to fight back whatever it was. I had this same dream every single day for 3 weeks striaght. And i wake up sweating, and breathing heavily. And every day since i had anxiety everywhere i went. Then one night i had dream one walking into my parents room and standing over my mom was figure. It was standing in the corner in I NEED TO EDIT MY POST TO REMOVE THIS - Profanity is not allowed black so i couldnt see who it was. I asked why are you here. It responded in a deep low mans voice. "Your parents are lovely but im not after them. I want you. Now go back to bed". And for some reason i walked back to bed. When i woke up the feeling of anixety was super strong like i felt like someone was just gonna appear infront of me. Again i ignored it just to get by but i washed my windows, door, and closet doors with holy water i bought, and read sayings from the bible just to bless my room. For about 2 weeks everything went back to normal, i thought i was good. Then about 2 and half weeks ago i had the dream where someone choke me when i tired to sleep but this time it felt so real. When i woke up i was super late for school so i rushing out the door. I think i even forgot to brush my teeth. And i walk into my geometry class and my teacher let out a huge gasp. She told me to come out in the hall and she ask me what happen. I was confused . She told me to go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. So i did so. When i looked in the mirror my neck was all red like someone really choke me. I was terrified when i seen that, i started crying. I didnt know what was going on, and what was happening to me. Everyday since i had the feeling of anixety til last saturday. I was home alone and i heard someone laughing but it sounded evil like. I started crying but i realized i had enough. I jumped up and shouted with tears in my eyes i dont who you are but leave me the **** alone. Then the laughing.stopped, and the room got cold and my anxiety got worse by the second. I didnt want to see what was gonna happen next by i didnt want to seem scared anymore. So i quickly walked to the front door and left the house for a few hours. By the time i got back. My parents were home so i felt safe. I ate dinner with them and headed off to my room. I was about to change my clothes when i heard my door slam and hear the words whisper in my ears "dont yell at me again". Then i heard my door open back up, and the roomfelt lighter. Now i thankful if you read my whole story but i need advise of what im dealing with here, and should i tell my parents whats going on. And if you could give me some advise to what i can do to get rod of it because its followed me to 3 houses now, and seriously need it gone. Because i tired of feeling amxiety and im tired being totured like this. Again thank and respond back asap.

yea I think you should ask your parents if similar things have been noticed, and as far as what you are dealing with it sounds like a ghost with a negative energy.. if so he is for the most part harmless..

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