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Can a spirit set off a motion detector?
We have a home alarm system. Inside our home is a motion detector.
I had locked up the home. All window closed. Heat off. No pets in the home. About 45 minutes later, I get a phone call from the alarm company that my motion detector had gone off. Which meant something moved by it to set it off. They then dispatched police officers to my home and they could not find any kind of break it. I asked her 'what could set the thing off'?. She said it could of been a fly, possibly. So I decided to test that theory. I got a piece of thick paper, ripped off a corner, balled it up and threw it several different ways around the motion detector and nothing. It was too light, too small to set it off. There was no sign of anyone entering my home.

Has anyone heard of such a thing, where a spirit could set off an alarm?
Spirits can move objects flying across the room, so why not?
(03-28-2014, 07:31 AM)Itheblaze Wrote: Spirits can move objects flying across the room, so why not?

I have extreme OCD and keep a very neat, tightly clean ship and I always notice if one little thing is out of place. I didn't see anything out of place. Nothing was moved. Was wondering if the spirit itself can set it off ....the detector can sense it's presence?
Or the spirit set it off with her mind.
(03-28-2014, 07:51 AM)Itheblaze Wrote: Or the spirit set it off with her mind.

Interesting....hmmmm. Ok, I see where you are going with that. lol
Earth tremors can cause them to go off.
Could just be a faulty alarm- it would be interesting to see if you got it replaced, whether the same problem would occur. Another option would be to install a camera to see for certain if there is anything actually in the room that it's picking up.
Yes... Spirits can set off motion detectors...
I'm not stupid, just really special!
When spirits are proven to exist, I'll debate on whether or not they set off motion detectors. I agree with CDS, possibly some tremor that could have set it off or the suggestion that it may be a faulty detector.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

I think any thing is possible.However do a agree with all that are here.Very good question.Keep the faith & good luck.

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