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Buried Alive
This is my husbands is posted on TGT if anyone would like to read it!
I just had an idea that might sell in other countries where embalming isn't practiced. It is very simple. Have a handle operated valve (installed in the coffin) that is connected to an air supply of filtered and purified air source pumped up when pressure in the supply tank(s) falls to a preset value in "psi," pounds per square inch. Icontexto-emoticons-07-032x032

The air supply could be monitored by computer, from there the software that monitors sensors associated with the air supply could page an Emergency Response team. With a fresh air supply, the victim has nothing to fear. I think the installation of lighting in a coffin would be a bit comforting..., so the victim could read a standardized Label, 8.5" by 11" that contains instructions regarding what the victim should expect..., to avoid hyperventilating, or panic attacks. At some point, there should be a pressure relief valve should the coffin start to become over pressurized. Blueoh

One centralized station that provides the air could handle more than a few buried caskets..., for that matter if nothing happens in 6 or 7 days just to be on the safe side, then the airline could be removed and used on another fresh burial.

To make more money, a properly equipped mausoleum for intermediate burial for a period of several days, followed by a permanent burial. (It's the capitalist in me, just a very little.)

My personal preference is to be buried, but skip the embalming.

When I was young, the idea of being buried alive came up during a brief study of Edgar Allan Poe in English/Literature in junior high school. Frankly, I still feel a little "terror" when I think of it.

I too have heard of people in a morgue, presumed dead, suddenly wake up, moving around, scaring the fool out of anyone working there. Logic should tell you it's OK to check out what is happening, and you'd find a living person. However, what about the poor souls being stored in the cooler? There should be motion, and CO2 sensors in those coolers. How expensive could it be?

Forgiveness is next to deity.

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