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New here, basically out of desperation.
Ugg, this may be a long winded op but here goes.

We moved into my grandmother's house that was originally built over 100yrs ago in a sleepy little sw Louisiana town. Not long after moving in, my wife is pushed down the stairs carrying a tv which broke. She/we chalked it up to just the collateral damage of moving so much stuff around. Then, we started hearing footsteps. My wife is a teacher and getting ready in the old bathroom that morning, heard heavy steps she could physically feel the vibrations of on the floor through her feet that lasted 15 or so seconds.

Let me clarify, the original house was built over 100 yrs ago. The house was added onto quite a bit in the 60's. So there is an old bathroom and the one that was added onto later.

Maybe three or four times a week we could hear footsteps, especially when we remodeled one of the oldest parts of the house by removing carpet, restoring wood floors, painting, ect.

When we moved in, our daughter, who was born 10 weeks premature, was nearly a year old and colicy due to her digestive tract still working out the kinks. Whenever she would cry at night, her crib is in our bedroom, loud banging on the walls would be constant while she was crying. I am talking, very loud that would rattle the windows. Occasionally, we still hear banging on the walls.

Strange things happen in the kitchen all the time, which was part of the old part of the house. My wife and I witnessed a glass on the counter spin and move across the counter. Things disappear and reappear. I recently lost my wallet. Tore the house apart looking for it. I usually, no, always keep it in the drawer in the kitchen bar. Emptied out the bar, cleared the counters, no wallet so I am thinking I left it out at the lake that my dad, youngest son, and myself were fishing two days prior. Had to sit at dmv to get a new dl and cancel my credit and debit cards. A few days later, it is just sitting there on the bar.

There is alot more. Our northside door, even after locking it, we would leave and come back and it is wide open. We currently have a door jamb on it to prevent it after it happened eight or so times. Our daughter's toys will roll across the floor to the degree they would sometimes hit the trashcan, in the kitchen, and move it several inches.

After a while of this going on. I read about an emf detector that could pick up and detect if there was a ghost around. Well, I got one called a trifield meter. In the middle of the kitchen, it read a steady 6 on the scale on the device. Not around anything like the fridge or stove or anything. It actually went down going closer to the appliances, except the microwave, it went up like crazy around rhat thing. I walked around rhe house wirh it and it stayed near 0-1 sometimes 2. But occasionally, it spiked to 8-9.

One night my wife heard someone walking around the house then like rummaging through the boxes we hadnt yet emptied after the move. Loud enough to wake her up. She got up and put her ear to the bedroom door and it was loud and she was scared and had her phone ready to dial 911. She opened rhe door and rhe sound stopped.

Sorry for the rambling but what the heck is going on? Let us continue.

Numerous times my mother let me know that there were calls from our house ro her phone but no voicemail was left. We do not use our housephone. We have cellphones and rhat is all we use. The only reason we have a housephone is because it is bundled with our internet dsl. I recieved an email sent to my gmail acct from the messaging service from my phone at midnight last night. No subject but all that was in the body of text was "Gia". Also, we occasionally see what looks like a single hair falling. No hair is found and why from the ceiling.

There is more but this is the last one. Today, my oldest son was in the den, downsrairs when he hears shuffling footsteps and then loud ones coming down the stairs. He turns around but nobody is there. He shrugs it off, turns back around and hears it louder and faster. He stands up and feels queasy, like in deep thought but unable to think. Hard to esplain the feeling so he leaves the house and goes outside.

I just bought a nightvision digital camera to start documenting this stuff but if you think you can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the long post but my wife is ready to move out and my kids are scared.

This kind of sruff happens nearly every day. Mostly footsteps and banging on walls with the occasional disappearing act of things. I simply cannot list all of the stuff that has gone on because it is too numerous to mention each event.
I would like to offer some non-paranormal suggestions to consider. You mention that the house is old, which would include old electrical wiring, old pipes, etc--this can lead to random power surges (the EMF meter spiking) and older pipes can make strange random sounds. Sound also travels, so where you are hearing it may not be where it is originating. Animals inside walls can make sounds also as well as the natural settling of a house. There is also something that is referred to as 'new house effect'...a psychological effect when moving somewhere new that can cause uncomfortable feelings. That will in turn affect how other things are seen (such as the tendency to misplace or forget where something is placed). It is explained a little bit here.

No I know this does not answer all your questions but I do want to address that any good paranormal investigation team would check for all explainable causes for these experiences or perceptions. It also must be noted that EMF detectors have never been proven to indicate a ghost, nor have ghosts themselves been proven to exist. If anything, further research has shown more explainable causes for an EMF spike.

I'll add that I will offer the skeptical viewpoint but I am not trying to negate your experiences.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

I agree with Scarygirl.Try debunking 1st.Check for drafts.take a level to see if the floors,stairs are level.If they are not it can create a thing called the fun house effect.If you bin in 1 you know what I'm talking about.Just my thoughts good luck & keep the faith.
Someone keeps calling your Mother. Did she used to know anyone named "Gia" which is an Italian female name. Was there ever a Gia living there?
(03-24-2014, 09:56 AM)Itheblaze Wrote: Someone keeps calling your Mother. Did she used to know anyone named "Gia" which is an Italian female name. Was there ever a Gia living there?

My wife is a descendant of Italian/german/french Gabarino family then the german Buller surname. I do not think there was ever a Gia living here. The original house was bought by my great grandfather IX Fruge who was the third mayor of our town. My wife's great grandfather was the towns first mayor. My great grandmother was a Savoie. Our family has lived and died in this home for over 100yrs.

I have discounted as many possible natural things causing this. The kitchen and dining room do slope, not much, but in the south direction. Objects moving would go up against the slope. New home syndrome should not really be an issue as I grew up basically in this house since my dad always was working and my mom was still in college so my sister and I spent much of our time in this house as kids.

I should have mentioned this in my original post but after my grandmother died, there was a big family fight over the house. My parents live in the next house to this one and our yards are basically one. My dad took care of both properties. So, I had my mom get the title transferred to her name. When my grandmother passed, she knew we were coming to live here and was happy that our family would still be in the house. However, one of my aunts regularly goes to psychics and has peddled in voodoo, alot. She and her husband stole things from my grandmother and my dad. Land titles in my moms name ended up in their name and so fourth. They harassed my mom so much to put this house back into the estate that my mom became physically ill.

Before my grandma passed on, much of the family came to her 90th birthday, including the bad voodoo aunt, no names sorry. She knew my mom had ownership of the home. I dont know if she did something to the house or what but it has certainly crossed my mind. Given what she has done in the past, it would not surprise me.

We ended up putting three cats in the house so we could write off the noises to the kids so they wouldnt be scared. Cats did so much damage to the place we put them outside. Noises and activity seem to have gotten worse after that.

When we had the cats in, one reason we put them out was they made the house smell funny. Cats are gone, carpet and floors and furniture steam cleaned. Smell is good now but every now and then, you will like almost seem as if you walked into a fart cloud, as the kids tell me. Ive done it too several times.

I am getting an fm sweeper and night cision camera in this week and will start documenting this. Nobody believes us until they spend the night here. Every night, something happens, whether it be loud banging on walls or solid patternistic footsteps, or "fart clouds" (sorry, dont know what else to call it.)
Just based on my paranormal experiences (and i believe you)...I have some questions & advice;

1. Have you noticed the paranormal activity levels going when you try to make changes to the house?
2. Do you get a malicious feeling from the entity/entities in the house?
3. Do you think it is just the one ghost haunting the house or do you think there may be multiple entities?

1. I've noticed some ghosts seem to "feed" of the energy of attention- the more fear they invoke in you, the more you think about them, and the more empowered they become- it can become quite a vicious cycle. So while it might be the last thing on your mind when you have experienced something paranormal, try to avoid letting the experience consume your thoughts etc- stay calm and in control.
2. Tell the ghost to "rest in peace" (think it, say it out aloud). I have no idea how/why it works, but i grew up in a very haunted house and i always found that repeating this simple well-meaning wish over and over seemed to have a calming effect on the entities in the house (and they would become less active after that. "Rest in peace" was almost like a personal protection charm to ward off malicious spirits etc).
3. If you are being driven to your wits end, have a priest come in and perform a service- these things can actually really work sometimes.
It does sound like there is still much bitterness and it would have been nothing to curse the house and property. Look at what happen to your wallet? Two days gone and then it just appears on the bar? Would you consider a small dog for inside the house? Perhaps a poodle because they don't shed. Dogs have acute hearing and are better than any security system.
(03-24-2014, 12:12 PM)Itheblaze Wrote: It does sound like there is still much bitterness and it would have been nothing to curse the house and property. Look at what happen to your wallet? Two days gone and then it just appears on the bar? Would you consider a small dog for inside the house? Perhaps a poodle because they don't shed. Dogs have acute hearing and are better than any security system.

We have a black pug. He is not very active but will sit in the kitchen staring into the room we hear most of the activity moving his head left and right like when we make funny sounds playing with him.

1. Have you noticed the paranormal activity levels going when you try to make changes to the house?

Yes. We have tore out almost all the carpet, allergies, and old carpet since my grandma smoked in the house. Painted walls, and built a porch. Always worse during those times.

2. Do you get a malicious feeling from the entity/entities in the house?

Only time was a day or so ago when my son heard the footsteps coming toward him and was overwhelmed with odd feelings of aggression and deep thought as he described it and he left the house because he felt threatened. He is a big guy. 13yrs old but size 13 adult shoes almost six feet tall and very active in football and track.

3. Do you think it is just the one ghost haunting the house or do you think there may be multiple entities?

That, I do not know.

My mothers house was always haunted, but when she went through some random phases of doing lots of building work on the house to renovate & spruce it up (knocking through old walls, getting rid of the old carpets, throwing out ancient furniture etc), the paranormal activity levels went through the roof. It was almost like the ghosts in the house did not like changes being made to the house (and change upset them).

I would imagine its a ghost haunting your house (it doesn't sound particularly evil or anything, although you should never let yourself be led into a false sense of security with these things- while i know some people try to actually create more contact with ghosts and whatnot, i do not think its a wise idea and that deliberate contact should only be made in very serious/pressing circumstances (because ultimately you never know who you're really talking to, etc)) who in life almost certainly lived in the place.

If you are not particularly religious and don't fancy getting the local holy man (vicar/priest/monk etc) around to exorcise the place, then i would suggest getting in contact with a psychic (or some sort of similar person) who can communicate with the ghost and see if a agreeable solution can be found.

In one story i read, long story short(ish) there was a couple who moved into an old house that hadn't been lived in for many years. When they started renovating it, the paranormal activity in the house went through the roof. And it was really extreme and scary stuff- full scale poltergeist activity etc. Eventually at their wits end (the paranormal activity was so bad the couple were considering moving out of the house for good), the couple finally contacted a psychic woman who could talk to ghosts.

When invited over this woman made contact with the ghost and basically told the couple that the ghost was in fact that of an 11 year old girl. In life the girl had been born a sickly weak child and had ended up spending almost her entire life being bedridden and confined to her bedroom in the house. Eventually at age 11 she died, but when she did she found herself a ghost (and confined to the house). After her death her parents sold the house and successive families had since lived in the house. But the reason why she was so unhappy (and increasingly malicious in her behaviour) is because she felt forgotten about and had not liked the way families had re-decorated her old bedroom etc.

In the end the psychic woman managed to make an agreement with the little girl ghost. The ghost promised not to cause anymore trouble for the couple if they redecorated what had once been the little ghost girls bedroom back into a little girls room. The couple did not really need the bedroom for anything in particular (for it was a large house with many rooms) and decorated the room in a very girly fashion (pink walls etc- they even put toys in it) and the moment they did this the paranormal activity all but disappeared and they were never bothered by the little girls ghost again.

Of course you may not be able to meet the ghosts demands, however if you get someone around who can genuinely communicate with ghosts, you may be able to at least find out what the deal is with the ghost/s in your house.

Hard to say without being there to feel the energy but it could be more than one thing going on....especially as you mentioned your Aunt and her "dabbling" with voodoo. Check up as much as you can about your homes history plus the land and the names etc of people who lived there and any tragedies!. It may be a family member who dislikes the changes you have made, a family member who wants to protect you from any energies activated by your Aunt....energies activated by your Aunt...not so simple is it....
My thoughts would be to cleanse your home, if you're religious have the house blessed,use prayers, call upon the Archangel Michael or cleanse it yourself by smudging (the intention to cleanse of negative energies is important as you do it). Tell it clearly and firmly to go away, light candles and keep the house happy and peaceful, play soft nice music etc..
You can also spiritually protect yourself if you need to but try the other things first, though protecting yourself is important you also would need to get your family on board for it to be totally effective??

A way of protecting yourself is by visualizing a white light coming down into your head then spreading through and around yourself, to add you can see it like an eggshell around you with mirrors reflecting outwards (that will reflect any negative energy aimed at you).
Know that it will work, but you can see why you can do this for yourself but the rest of your family would need to do it for themselves.

I know I've given you a lot to think about but I hope some of it helps, main thing is don't fear!!
All the best and keep us posted.
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!

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