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Menger Hotel, San Antonio

A YouTube video lecture by the author Docia Williams who has written a book about the hotel.

From the hotel's website:

Quote:To get the latest in ghostly information, be sure to visit with long-time employee Ernesto Malacara, the Menger's Director of Public Relations. Malacara can give a string of ghost stories that would curl your hair. The hotel, built in 1859, is San Antonio's vault for vanquished spirits, with at least 32 different apparitions competing for sightings.

So who are these souls traipsing the halls at the oldest continually operating hotel west of the Mississippi? Aside from a multitude of bumps in the night, kitchen utensils that transport themselves, and the presence of people (with no bodies to accompany them), they're the following stories:

Maid, Sallie White, murdered by her husband and buried at hotel expense by the Menger, has been seen walking in the hotel corridors, especially at night for many years. She is clad in an old, long gray skirt with a bandana around her forehead and is generally carrying towels, which she never delivers.

Captain Richard King, founder of the King Ranch, appears now and then entering his room, the King Suite. He has been seen by many guests and employees of the hotel. The unusual thing is that he does not use the suite door, but goes directly through the wall. There was a door in the location where Captain King entered his suite many years ago.

A guest steps out of his shower and walks into the bedroom of the hotel. Standing by the bed is the figure of a man clad in a buckskin jacket and gray trousers. To further cloud the issue, this apparition is speaking to someone or something else in the room that cannot be seen. Buckskin asks the question "Are you gonna stay or are you gonna go?" three times.

A lady sits knitting in the original lobby of the Menger Hotel. She wears a dated blue dress and a beret with a tassel. Her glasses are small and metal framed. An employee asks "Are you comfortable...may I get you something?" The lady replies "no" in an unfriendly tone and disappears.

Why the Menger for these supernatural escapades? Built just steps from the battle of the Alamo and only 23 years after its bloody conclusion, the land lends itself to folklore. But like all tourists resting their heads in the hotel, these souls are harmless.
In one of the introductory threads(user name: ghostmama) there is a first hand account of the Menger Hotel. That's how I heard about it. Maybe you could contact her through a pm, Andraste, to see if she would talk about it with you.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Well hopefully she'll come back and share her story here. Smile
I know, I told her to, but she just kind of disappeared.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Ah well, maybe someone else who has experiences there will join in the future or she will return.
I've been...! In the spring of '08, my brother, his girlfriend, our mom, my kids, and I met for a weekend in San Antonio. My brother picked the hotel, not knowing it was supposedly haunted, but once we found this out, I was only more excited about staying there, lol. I took lots of pictures, of course, and really wished to experience something. Funny how you wish that, then change your mind when you have to get up in the middle of the night! I woke up because my blood sugar dropped, and I had to test it and drink something. Feeling creeped out, of course, I turned on the lights despite my mom and kids sleeping. We had two full/queen beds. I took care of myself, turned off the lights, went back to bed. The next day I apologized for turning on the lights like that, and my mom said she had wondered what I was doing, going through the luggage like that. I was like, what? She said she felt it when I put the heavy suitcase on the foot of her bed. But I had not done that at all, so what had she felt?
I have some pictures, if I can figure out how to post them. I probably need to shrink them.
Here are pictures from our stay in March '08. [Image: 8y7qll.jpg]
You can see my brother and his gf at their 4th floor window, 2nd from right. I thought it was cool that the windows opened. Lots of dust particles, one particularly bright one there at the balcony, almost looks like a light.
[Image: 28gs568.jpg]
The Alamo courtyard beside the Menger.
[Image: 2cqm9us.jpg]
Here is an "orb" that does not look like dust. ?
[Image: ta54p1.jpg]
The bar.
[Image: fmjuq8.jpg]
The lobby - I turned my kids into ghosts.
[Image: 2u8cdtt.jpg]
[Image: 15drtz7.jpg]
[Image: 10xwy6g.jpg]
Our bathroom, my ghostly kids.
[Image: 15xwwhy.jpg]
My ghostly son looking out our window, fireworks in front of the Alamo.
Those are great! I love that even ghost kids brush their teeth...
"It sounded like a bad fry, unimportant, with a bowl of rice." ~ Victor

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth." ~ Billy, age 4

I used to live in San Antonio. The whole area is heavy with paranormal activity. My friend was a bartender at the Menger. We would head down to the bar for a few drinks when she was working. I've personally seen glasses fly off the bar and no I was not intoxicated. LOL Shanna, my friend, told multiple stories of similar phenomena. She once saw a full bottle of Grey Goose come up out of her well, come about 8 inches over and drop to the floor. Really cool place!!
I live in San Antonio and never knew about this! I am definitely getting a room and staying the night! I'm in Florida for training but should be back in SA in a week. I'll take pictures and let everyone know how it is!


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