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Haunted School
You know, Evalone, he did post the findings somewhere, but I can't remember the thread. If I find it, I'll post here where to look for it, okay?
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

heyyy good luck!!
(06-20-2009, 09:09 AM)aprofenno Wrote: I recently joined a paranormal investigative team, and tonight will be my first investigation with them. We are going to a large school, built in the 1800s. Many confirmed reports of paranormal activity including disembodied sounds and full bodied aparitions. I'm highly excited and feel strongly we will catch something. To those that are interested, I will post the results of our findings.

I go to an elementry school, and one day in art class i asked to go to the restroom. the teacher said yes so i went to the 2nd grade bathrooms. i went in and i heard crying. i figured it was a girl crying because the toilet paper was gone. "hello?" i asked. no one answerd. so i asked again. no one answerd. i thought the crying came from the 3rd stall. i knocked on it and,again, no one answerd. so i tried pushing the door open but it was locked. i looked under the stalls and nothing was there. i got freaked out and left. right when i reached for the door handle to leave, i faintly heard "Sarah!". terrified i left. my freind gabby came with me the second time. she pushed on the 3rd stall and it flew open. all of the sudden, from the door sitting there for 10 seconds, it slams shut. Icontexto-emoticons-10-032x032 it was terrifying. we rushed to the door and out of nowhere, a purpulish, white figure comes infront of me. "Sarah!" it says again. gabby even saw it.we screamed. we ran we never went back. that is until yester day.Icontexto-emoticons-10-032x032 i had to go to the restroom really bad. music class and art are in the same hall. so i raised my hand to go to the restroom. bad idea. gabby and courtney came with me. i went to the restroom.BOOM! we hear something crash in the girls restroom. we run in there and the trash can is tipped over, the paper towels are all over, and all of the soap is on the ground. gabby heard whipering. ther was the girl janitor sitting there with her eyes wide with fear. "Whats wrong ms. Lisa? asked gabby. "it just came up to me and screamed and yelled! it looked just like you! it flew across here pushing and banging!" . we all figured that the 2 girls that died at are school, Mingy and Grace, were haunting this bathroom. mingy died because some kid shoved her head down the toilet, and grace died because she busted her brains open on the middle sink. hopefuly that ghost never shows up again! END
(06-20-2009, 10:12 AM)aprofenno Wrote:
(06-20-2009, 09:41 AM)scarygirl67 Wrote: Me! Me! I'm interested. We have a reportedly haunted school in our town that is about to be torn down. I don't have the time to get into a ghost hunting team, so, if you don't mind I will enjoy hearing about yours!

I will let you know. I'm going to be the only male out of eight people there, so it should be interesting!

dont for get to be quiet!
OMG! That is a terribly sad! I bet you were scared. Heck, I'm scared!
Hey, Cpantz... Go to the introductions thread at the top and tell us a little about yourself. I noticed you are new.
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Schools are great, GREAT places to investigate. Even if there haven't been deaths there, the emotional energy that lives in a school is very high and can convert to spirit experiences.
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