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caught on tape?
I can totally understand why as the ones I saw were not pretty at all, some had wings but the majority didn't, boy they were really mostly ugly and scary especially for a youngster...some hard some really sharp pointed teeth.
Yup do know some of those legends but I was so transfixed watching them it just didn't occur to me to try and put names to them. haven't seen them circling the bedroom ceiling since but we have often felt their energy around the home and the garden area..oh and have seen them flitting quickly around the garden and outside around the home but they are very quick so we only get a quick glimpse.
I think they are active around us because of our energy and we are in the middle of a very nature based area, small copses, fields, trees all over, hawthorn hedges etc.
Strange how you get all these new age fairy cards and books etc but the pictures they show are nothing like the ones I saw but have to admit I don't own any of them and have only seen the covers and read excerpts. I do feel there is an unreal romanticism about elementals, even though all they did was show themselves to us at different times and no harm has been done by them...perhaps because we respect them, don't know.
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!

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