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2 Nights Ago
I believe I saw a shadow creature two nights ago and I guess I'd like to share?

So, I woke up at around 3 a.m, unable to sleep. I really hate silence, so I grabbed my laptop and began fooling around - Facebook, tumblr, email, the works. I don't like being without communication.

For some reason, I was on edge, I wasn't really into the general foolery that was going on.

Then, later, I heard it. A chair scraping.

My house is small, if someone was awake, I would have heard them walking around. But there was silence.

By now, I was pretty alert. Adrenaline was running through me the way water does through a river.I sat up and then I saw it.

THe shape of a person. But a shadow. Staring right at me.

It was gone in an instant but it did shake me up.

The next day, I told my parents (Yes, I do live with my parents. Please don't kill me.) and they took me to church. In our religion, when stuff like that occurs, the spirit of dead realtives are unrestful.

My grandma died last May, recently I've been really upset about it, so I suppose that makes sense.

We went to church and prayed. Afterwords we visited her grave and cleaned it up a little. I haven't had an experience since.

I've heard of the Shadow Creatures. Could it may pass relatives paying a visit? Or something else?
How did it make you feel? If it was a visit from your dead grandmother, it probably wouldn't feel icky. I haven't heard of shadow people moving chairs, or making noises. Has anyone else?
(01-23-2014, 08:51 PM)Gizmo Wrote: I haven't heard of shadow people moving chairs, or making noises. Has anyone else?

Yes, related to the Poltergeist phenomenon. These are not your run of the mill shadow people like "The Hat Man" etc... rather they're generally just humanoid shaped shadows.

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