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Fragments of earlier memories of Taiwan
Fragments of earlier memories of Taiwan

or why I am a Taoist.

I lived many years in Taiwan.

I have inexplicable encounters there, from 1991, and again ten years later or so.
That encounter in 1991 triggered my metamorphosis into a Taoist.
I met an Immortal walking on Earth on a rain swept road of a village in North Taiwan. Who later came to rescue me from haunting entities on a cliff side overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Those encounters were so uncomfortable, and un-understandable, that I could not bring myself to write on that until a few months ago. For fear that with years, those memories might all fade away.

I wrote this in my blog for largely my birdie friends who followed my sagas with beasties and birdies.

This saga is long. Grab a cup of coffee, and enter a true world that might be even more strange than a wild fantasy.

Fragments of earlier memories of Taiwan

edited and added on 30 May 2015
Recording the loss of the Milofor

Perhaps it might be a telling of me to let go.

Those who read above would have known that Immortal I met gave me a momento of a 1991
That was always with me. kept in my backpack which you have seen in almost all my blogs.

Then in Oct 2014 , I was in Nepal Khatmandu. I stayed there a while to enjoy that city after an absence of 30 years or so. That was also about the time of the Dashain, a festival that celebrate the victory of good over evil. So naturally I stayed on for that delaying my going to Pokhara and going on the Annapunna trek. The 8th day of Dashain , Maha Ashtami: Wednesday, 21-10-2015 , was a big day that involved in the beheading of countless buffalos and goats. I was at that 30 years ago. In the days when cameras are loaded with rolls of 36 shots and this time I had electronic camera loaded with countless shots.

I was in the Khatmandu Durbar Square and on top platform of one of the pavilions.
My money and passport was in body belt and pouch hang on my neck. My backpack had nothing of value compared to what I that I had safely on my body. That backpack still had about 3-400USD I considered as loose change of SGD and Malaysian Ringgits, and tele photo lense of my Olympus.

I left the backpack on the ground next to my leg as I sat on the step. A commotion came and the Kumari, the living Goddess of Nepal was walking. Since she was a Goddess and her feet must not touch the ground. So they were placing rolls of silk on the ground and a huge crowd was around her.

Even on top of the platform, I could barely see her. I stood up to try to get some shots of her. It was only a couple of seconds. And in that couple of seconds my bag was gone.

I cared little for the money left in the bag or the telephoto lens. My priceless Milofor was in that bag.

Maybe thrown away after they strip it of money, tele lens and my Buck folding knife.

I made offer of 1000 USD for the return via the friendly staff of the place in stayed in (Secret Garden). I was actually prepared to pay more, 5 times more.

I have to accept eventually that I never will see that Milofor again. Maybe that was for the good. Maybe I should not remain attach to anything or object.

And anyway, that Milofor , with that Immortal, remain forever with me in my heart.



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