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Trapping a ghost
Has anyone thought of a way to trap or catch a ghost?
That's a very interesting question...I have one(or 2) of my own to ask you.....

Are you asking this merely out of "curiosity" ? or because you'd actually like to trap one yourself?
Well both i guess, has anyone thought of it, becuase i may have found an answer to do such a thing, but i wanna see what others have thought of, in case im missing something
Although they are now disembodied spirits, they are also individuals, who have intelligence and in their current state, most likely know more things than you, respect them. You wouldn't want anyone trapping you, so why do it to them?

Just because they no longer have physical bodies, it doesn't mean that you won't have any karma to answer for if you actually go through with this.

Be more considerate.
hummm interesting, but if we dont explore then we will never know,
IN THE NAME of science
(12-29-2013, 02:09 AM)DarkSin5280 Wrote: hummm interesting, but if we dont explore then we will never know,
IN THE NAME of science

hmmmm yes very interesting, but lets try some experiments on you first.

In the name of science of course.
There are Wicca spells to capture spirits in a glass jar or bottle.

Look up Bottle tree is some old folklore.

Here are some interesting articles,

Legend of the Bottle Tree

How To Catch a Ghost
Well not what I had in mind
(12-30-2013, 01:15 AM)DarkSin5280 Wrote: Well not what I had in mind

Just call out, they'll come to you... Wink
haha well i was thinking more about making a box out of EMF shielding, and then inside the box we would have recording and video equipment along with a EMF detectors. and then when we get a hit, somehow SHUT THE DOOR on the ghost, because in theory ghost are made up of energy, and that energy cannot pass through the EMF shielding. IN THEORY!!

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