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Witches and shape shifters.
I think this sort of thing is referred to by TALKING HEADS in their song SEEN AND NOT SEEN from the album REMAIN IN LIGHT
Love it!

But, you're showing your age Wink

Yeah, that's true, but i feel something is brewing though
I could be off it, of course
(12-22-2013, 11:23 PM)Reptoid666 Wrote: I need peoples opinion on this. (kinda weird)?
Ok so recently i came across a Mexican video on YouTube of a bird and the people in the video say its a witch (they take the shape of animals and such). Now, I don't know what to believe but in the video they ask if its a witch and if its sick and such and the bird seems to answer shaking its head! I wonder if it really was sick? I think this because it looked pretty bad it was like exhausted or something and it stared at the person filming and asking the questions. This might just be me but I feel strange watching this Smile i would like to see what people opinion is on this, so please tell me what you think or if there is an explanation as to why the bird looks that way.

Transforming is or shapeshifting is only when the animal accepts you as an spirit animal. then you must know the message of the animal and when in contact you only get the atributes wich you personally must know they are not yours if it happens

It happend to me randomly and I think a spirit of an witch can be with an animal perhaps.

I never read any books only personal exprience and relations with animals, nature and spirit animals. I think things must be experienced and prefferably not read about.
I went to an herbalist because of my complicated health problems and messed up life situation. I had also experienced several paranormal phenomena leading to this including being energy healed by someone, amongst many other bizarre things. 

In the first appointment with her she told me that on top of practicing chinese medicine she also would be practicing plant spirit medicine on me and that in her breaks from her practice she went to mexico where she was a weather witch.

We spoke for three hours! About two hours in suddenly her face shifted and there was another face simultaneously transparently over her face. It was an old african lady with a large afro. I said "I see someone else, how are you doing that" and her response was to just laugh. It freaked me the hell out. Then she went and did a bunch of typical chinese diagnostics and she then had me sort of meditate while she was saying she was doing spiritual work to ask spirits to assist me.
(12-30-2014, 09:20 PM)jonathan livingstone seagull Wrote: I think this sort of thing is referred to by TALKING HEADS in their song SEEN AND NOT SEEN from the album REMAIN IN LIGHT

I love that song, I think about it very often. 

I had a girlfriend who I dated for four years. It was interesting that over the time we were together my face looked like it changed to look more like hers to the point we looked similar and people thought we were brother and sister.

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