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Need Help ridding a spirit that's been accidentally brought into my house. Please hel
My friend was involved in a very abusive marriage and had to put up with years of non-stop verbal abuse from his wife. They recently divorced and he moved into an apartment in a working class neighborhood. He found out that the previous tenant cooked and sold crack from that unit before getting arrested. While he was in jail, the meth dealer's wife and 7 children were evicted. My friend moved into this apartment 2 weeks after the tenants were evicted.

We had not seen our friend in over 8 years, so my husband and I invited him to stay a night with us. All was great, and he left the next afternoon.

A day later, I heard sounds of crumbling paper whenever I walked by the room. The closet is used as a storage area for paper towels, butI didn't no see any evidence of a rodent. This occurred while there was still light.

Day 2, we hear loud pounding on the walls and floors late evening. Not sure where they came from but the sounds would occur randomly.

Day 3, as I was getting into bed, I felt an extremely cold spot around me. There was no breeze but it was extremely cold. My lab-mix who usually sleeps with me, ran down the starts to another dog bed he felt more safe in.

It appears that my friend may have inadvertently brought a spirit. Is there a way to move this spirit out of the house?


You need you and 2 other people. Open all windows and doors. Wait till twilight. Form a circle, hand and hand in the living room. With your lead everyone says the Lord's prayer 3 times out loud. Then say out loud,"I command the unwanted spirit to leave now, out of this house, off this property, In the name of Jesus of Nazareth!" Speak that 3 times with authority. Take some olive oil and anoint the threshold (front and back door) and each doorway in each room including closets. That will prevent the spirit from coming back in. God Bless.

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