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15 day coma nde
My ex-husband Craig was in a coma from a car accident for 15 days. He remembers being in his body but he couldn't move. His eyes couldn't open but he could see. He could his spirit head left and right. He could see and hear doctors, nurses, and spirits that had died in that hospital. The dead would go through one wall than another and look down at him laying there and whisper things like "Is he going to stay?" Or "You think he'll make it?" When Craig turned to his left there was a ghost of an old man sitting in the chair. Craig just knew this guy was like the welcoming committee and he was just waiting for Craig to die. At his right, you could see out into the hallway. There was a door floating with different shades of light. Most of the dead spirits went around this door but ever now and again one would get close enough to get sucked into the right shade of light according to how evolved you were. He never seen them come back. On the 15 day of the coma, the old ghost man looked up confused and Craig knew The Man Upstares was gonna let him live. Craig then woke up.
The brain is funny at times of such distress. I am not saying that Craig didn't see what he saw, but it could have all been a hallucination. From what I have read, ghosts are usually not very caring. Although I have never been in contact with a ghost -other than a very small instance- I have always heard that they are rather detached. I mean, isn't that the old myth of why they are here, because they are stuck?
Everything you have read has been someone else's account and you take more stock in their account than the one you just read. The thing is, you're going to believe whatever you want to believe, and intel we all die ain't none of us know jack.
We all (if fated) get own own proof, that is all we can go by not anyone else's!. Once you have that you only go forward, that knowledge can be a wonderful thing...
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
I love to hear things like this! Of course we all will find out for certain when we die, but the NDE experiences I find quite interesting. And the way many of them report the same sort of things is pretty reassuring.

I don't know if you'd be interested in this, but there is a medium, Mary Ann Winkowski, who sees spirits after they've died, but not after they've "gone to the light." She has done this since she was a small kid. What she reports is that the "light" is usually around the newly dead for a length of time, then it fades if they don't go through it. However, she has said that in places where there are newly dead people - hospitals, funeral homes, etc., there will be "the light." And anyone (spirits) can use it. I wonder if that is what your husband saw.

Also, many times people who have had a NDE will come back to find their psychic sensitivities increased. Did this happen to your husband?

I'm glad he recovered, but what an experience to remember!
No psychic increases, but sometimes he gets the strangest feeling that he's lived longer then what he is (54). When he added up all of his memories it comes out to about 110yr. Like he has co-existed on a parallel Earth or something. You see, all the little streams/lives flow into the main river which in the end merge into The Great Ocean. Speaking of Mediums, most won't go near a hospital. The dead trapped are like moths to a flame. Craig said a lot of the spirits were afraid of the light. That's what's keeping them in the hospital.
I've also had a N.D.E. but I knew it was coming just didn't know when or how (thank god) so had to spend some time in a local hospital.
Trouble is that those spirits who are afraid of the light are those who either have unfinished business here, afraid they will end up in hell!! or have no spiritual knowledge.
Having had to spend some time in hospital I know they are infested!! with lost spirits I too see, hear and can communicate with them but I hate the Medium tag it's just one part of my gifts and not a major one as far as I am concerned!
On a strange note at the hospital I was in there was also a spirit dog there....
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!
I haven't experienced an NDE, but know several people who did. It is strange that many have similar experiences. Sure, we can dismiss it as hallucinations or the brain shutting down, etc... But there are those that "leave" their body and can recall things that happen around them, even at some distance, where it just wasn't something they heard or maybe saw from their location. I find that fascinating. Like people watching themselves during surgery or knowing what happened in the next room while they were "dead". As for ghosts or people leaving their body, I like the idea that what we call a soul or whatever you want to call it, is just energy. Energy can be transferred and change. Like electrical energy can be turned into radio energy and light energy can be turned into electrical. So why not our "human" energy changing into some other type of energy that can remain and be detected with the right tools? Our brain alone is loaded with electrical impulses that govern our very life. It could also explain EVPs, IR images of ghosts, etc... Just some thoughts. Actually, that would explain why sometimes there are ghosts of pets. They were alive and had their own energies, so why not?
Absolutely agree mystic also energy is exactly the way I understand "spirits" too.
Just thought it was a little strange to find a dogs energy there but maybe it was looking for it's owner??
You walk in the long grass and wonder why you can not see!!

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