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New Hampshire
The Spalding Inn, Whitefield
Although this Inn is now owned by Jay and Grant of T.A.P.S. fame, I am unable to find specifics about who or what allegedly haunts this place. If anyone has further information, please PM me.
Monadnock inn, Jaffrey center, Jaffrey. My mom used to work here house cleaning. My little sister used to have to go with her. In one room on the top floor is a little boy who likes to turn off the tv on people. My sister was 3 or 4 when this happened to her. I think that the upstairs is haunted. I hated going upstairs to help my mom. I'm pretty sure it's Kelly's room. Oh yeah. The rocking chair that is or was in there rocks back and forth when on one was in there but me.
I'm not stupid, just really special!

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