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For the purpose of this question I'll use the following example, and explain my understanding:

A spell to increase personal power and energy states -
On a Sunday when the Moon is in Leo, sun at the hour the sun is preferred.

Well According to:the moon calendar says that the moon will not be in Leo on a Sunday until like August 2014

and as far as the sun being in a preferred hour using the following information:
Table of planetary daylight hours, and looking in the sun column-choosing Venus for growth, so it would be daylight hour 9 after sunrise

Is this method correct for choosing the appropriate day?
I think that I'm messing up with the moon aspect of it, because would one really have to wait over a year to complete this specific spell because of the moon?
What am I missing here. Please thoroughly explain, and provide web addresses for tables or other information that you use in your answer.

Also do Almanacs break the dates and correspondences down, so that this process is easier?
Personal power and energy states from a spell? Isn't it the other way round? Only a suggestion.
Moon, i think, has more influence than the planets and stars. Eg menstrual influence, the moon is near, it also affects men, can't sleep oh it's a full moon, i guess the moon's gravity affects the body water.
The moon, the sun, the stars in the sky, are there, i've seen them, but not seen a lion, though leos can be bossy, or twins, geminis can sure talk, or a bull though couple taurus friends took so long to ask out a girl that someone else did, or a goat though capricorns tend to dealership, are someone's view from long ago. Plus the lines between the signs. Someone's concept. Maybe the collective mind of believers make astrology work, so i find that to be a question in itself. Maybe people minded like yourself would be good for you to seek, as i think there's lots of learning, work and practice in the whole thing of spell casting, witchcraft, magic etc. Some say one is born with it, into it, one perchances upon people of like mind, past life spirito gangs, and so on. And who's right? Take the pagan four directions for instance, the circle of North East South West, i've seen it as Earth Air Fire Water, say going clockwise, which is wrong, it is
Air(positive +, north)
Earth(negative - east)
Fire(positive + south)
Water(negative - West)
so that going around the circle is
+ - + - + - + -
which generates and not
- + + - - + + -
which doesn't generate
as an example of misconceptions that one may get stuck with. One should test everything first. But all that astrology to do a spell, i don't know, the more complicated the more fickle, depends. Actually, i don't know. Possibly it is not written in stone as you seem to suggest regarding the fixédness of astrology, like one is trying to contain the uncontainable. I'm rabbiting
When it comes to specific rules as it applies to Wiccan ritual or incantation, may I state that we live upon CHANGING EARTH. No one can proclaim an absolute truth under this principle. A few years ago science had proclaimed that PLUTO was not a planet, when before it was stated as such. Now Pluto is being reconsidered once more by the scientific community, again in shifting truth. We live in an ever changing universe. Wicca know this as we understand as much as possible and go forth upon the Earth.

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