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I wouldn't necessarily call this an NDE since I didn't die or become near death to see this, but it was an OBE that is related to death. I seen what I can only describe as my own interpretation of the afterlife. Specifically the paradise that many religions would describe as heaven, Valhalla etc. I don't know if it was merely a dream, a hallucination or the real McCoy, but essentially what I saw was the perfect way to describe it. First of all it's all very personal. I didn't visit my own personal paradise, but rather one of someone in my family I cared deeply about in life who passed away 2 years ago. It's not fluffy clouds or divine light as many would stereotypically assume, but essentially their own personal dimension where many of their favorite things can manifest in there. In this person's case, in life she loved The Movie Titanic So her main meeting place was on the deck without sinking. She loved her family and loved to see the people she truly cared about be it by watching them on earth or in my case have me temporarily visit her. But to make a long story short. It is nothing like what every religious book in the world has ever written about. When I came back from it I found my face flooded with tears.
I went to a place of living light. It was just like earth, but every living thing was suffused with golden, living light. There was a feeling of overwhelming love. The light was indescribable in beauty and brilliance - a brilliance that would blind our mortal eyes, but not our spiritual eyes. I think I was a part of that light for a brief moment, before the shrill voice of my wicked step mother called me out of this heavenly slumber.

For a short while I had recurring dreams about photographs which depicted a very happy, even magical alternate life that was led by myself and my family. The longing I feel when I remember those dreams lingers.

I love the happy dimension in whatever form it takes. May we all wake up there. Smile
Both my and your interpretations remind me of a scene in Green Mile. This Native guy named Arlen Bitterbuck is on death row. He talks to the head Prison Guard, Paul Edgecomb about what heaven must be like. It goes like so:

Arlen Bitterbuck: Do you believe that if a man repents enough for what he done wrong, than he'll get to go back to the time that was happiest for him and live there forever? Could that be what heaven's like?
Paul Edgecomb: I just about believe that very thing.
Arlen Bitterbuck: I had a young wife when I was eighteen. We spent the summer in the mountains, made love every night. After we would talk sometimes till the sun came up, and she'd lay there, bare breasted in the fire light... that was my best time.
That was a great film. I should watch that again.
Ya. It was strange though when I went there it was like every emotion, both the good and the bad flow through me.
Were the good and bad feelings mixed, like a blend, or were they distinct?
It was mixed. Like everything was thrown at me at once.
I've had one dream with unforgettable emotional intensity. It involved Winona Ryder, a movie, and a video arcade. Winona Ryder was the source of this enormous emotional intensity which was a combination of great love, great sadness, and great longing. Next I remember playing various video games and pinball in the arcace. Then I remember being in a movie store looking for the movie which featured the experience I had while in Winona Ryder's presence. It seemed so strange to wake up with these unforgettable emotions - indelibly imprinted in my soul, yet forget most of the dream. Haunting describes the feeling. But overall, I like these feelings. How about you? Do you like these feelings?
What's not to like even the negative ones I like because it shows how human we really are. Which relieves me sometimes. For a while I never quite consider myself a human being.
It feels good when we remember that we are human, after we have forgotten. I know whereof you speak.

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