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Tarot and Coincidence
So I joined the forum tonight and thought I might add a little experience I had recently because I found it quite interesting at the time and I think you guys might like it.

A while ago I was in my older sisters apartment, there was myself and my boyfriend along with my sister and a few of her friends. I never travel anywhere without a deck of tarot cards in my bag so after being asked I decided to go ahead and do a few readings. The main issue was my sisters boyfriend, I won't go into why she wanted him read and he wasn't there at the time. I read for a few of her friends first because they never had a reading before and were really curious, I finished off and moved to my sister. I was a few cards in when I just knew it wasn't her boyfriend coming up in the cards, the cards that came up pointed to someone very troubled and not thinking straight, there was a lot of hurt too, eventually I got a very bad feeling that whomever it was wanted to end their life - I turned over the final card which was the 2 of swords.

For anyone who doesn't know the card the general picture is a person with two swords in both hands and both arms crossed over their body, they are also blindfolded. The second I turned the card upwards one of the girls outside screamed, she had been out on the balcony smoking. Everyone jumped and asked her what was wrong, she swore she saw a man standing on the bridge (outside and across the road was a bridge over a small river) apparently a man was standing on the bridge with his arms crossed over his body like the card and he dropped into the water when I turned the card. Luckily a passing taxi driver saw what happened and jumped in after him quicker than any of us could even get to the door.

Now it takes a lot to unnerve me when it comes to the paranormal but a chill went through my body and my hair stood on end, it was the first time I put away the cards and didn't read again that night. I always thought of the tarot (and still do) as a very safe tool used for self improvement and that's all, they aren't on the same level as say the ouija board but that night I came to the conclusion that maybe when something is extremely important they can point you towards it even if it's a person you didn't intend to read. My sister never asked for a reading since and even my boyfriend was a little shaken, I can understand the fright factor but at the same time if it did point to that poor guy then it's not a bad thing.

So was it meant to be or just meaningful coincidence?
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If the man was really attempting suicide, that is a very powerful energy and emotion that would be emanating from him. It is very possible that energy would over-ride your sister's while an oracle was in use close by. That being said, you're right that tarot and oracle cards are not on the same level as Ouija. However, they are the same in that an Ouija board is just wood or cardboard, and cards are just paper and ink. YOU are the oracle, YOU are the one recieving the messages through them. It is always a good idea to have some protection for yourself when you are reading. My aunt mentored my own passion for tarot since I was a child. She didn't protect herself, and I really believe it cost her life in the end. I always make sure I have crystals with my cards and that I ask my guardians not to allow any negative energies to come through. Also, do you clean your cards of the energy they accumulate after readings?

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