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Waverly Hills
Anyone here have a chance to investigate this place? My team did a few years ago. Not all that impressed. But would love to hear any different
This one of the most haunted places it was a hospital open in 1910 located in Ky There are hundreds of pictures that have capture some thing here is a link that tells allot about this place

Google this for any one you will find all sorts of things about this place there is even a face book page it and they give tons of tours as well I for one would love to go there. Where any thing is possible

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(07-07-2013, 07:29 PM)CHAPS_Dave Wrote: Anyone here have a chance to investigate this place? My team did a few years ago. Not all that impressed. But would love to hear any different

Me, my brother, and my friend went to Waverly a couple years ago and we left with the same thought. It is a cool and creepy place for sure, but because of how it is set up wind is constantly whipping through the halls opening and closing doors. The way it is so wide open to the outside also causes lots of noise contamination. We heard crickets, cars, and even dogs barking all night. So any knocks, door slams, or other noises can be caused by the wind from the 2nd floor and up. The body chute made me feel very uneasy, but that might have just been because it is claustrophobic.
Impressive to see people realize that a place like Waverly is definitely creepy - because what building built in the 1800s Victorian style doesn't have the creep factor - but it's not necessarily haunted.
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I have been here the structure itself was incredible and the history. The body shoot we had some weird experiences. The wind wasn't a problem while we were there, but I can see where it could be an issue. I would recommend going back with less wind I did feel like I could hear a lot of background voices I couldn't pinpoint where from. The nurses room was disappointing we didn't get much there.
Been there a couple of times with investigation groups, interestin' but gettin' too old to keep doin' that.
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