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Astral Travel Experiment - Try It Out
(12-21-2014, 06:49 AM)NotaPenguin Wrote: I've been trying lucid dreaming for months, and only managed to become lucid a few times while in dream performing checks. There is a method I tried which starts like the OBE method of eyepriestess, but I haven't succeeded in doing it. Sad
The thing is that everytime I lay still on my back and try it, my body is making me gulp or cough or sneeze, so I just end up laying in bed awake and bored without going into sleep-paralysis (I never experienced sleep-paralysis awake).
So I'd like to try astral projection, but I can't go past this first step... anyone has an idea that might help?
Well I didn't manage to reach those step's either, so if you can't enter in full awareness try to realize it's a dream while dreaming, there are many different suggestion's of how... You need raise you'r awareness in life, with having full control of what you are doing every second, be focused and analyse stuff all the time, it will raise the chance of realizing you are dreaming in the dream when you notice something out of order. However keeping that focus in the dream is still hard. So after realizing you are dreaming you'r full control of the events and dream world most likely be limited and short, but as you try and experience it more and more you will be able to enjoy it more.
But if you do manage to get through all the step's your control and fun in that world last's much longer and less chance's you will get lost and forget that it is a dream, so I suggest keep try'n the steps, while raising you'r awareness, and you must try to not get stuck on certain feelings to move to the next step, which I always fail at.
About astral projection I can't say much from experience but only from what I read and heard so can't really give a good advice nothing worked for me after all...
I know that I have had a few out of the body experiences when unconscious. I have been able to repeat conversations others have had thinking I was still under the influence of anaesthetics. I also remember swinging around the rails that held the curtains around a hospital bed , I have been seen many times by my daughter when she lived in another county .I was standing by her bed but I was not aware of this. My daughter has also seen a boyfriend with two other versions of himself travelling around with him. I think what we see and feel is also natural and normal for most people but few have the ability to see them. I have an ancient 19th century book describing such things as people being seen by mutual friends in two places at once. I must get it down and let you know the title. Happy Christmas See you (maybe)
You mean this sort of stuff can turn into a game with enough practice?


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