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Is Relativity Wrong?
(06-28-2013, 10:58 PM)Windevoid Wrote: Isn't momentum mass times velocity?

Yes, where momentum is described as an object traveling along a vector (changing positions) at a certain velocity.

As for the truth of the videos-- and I'll be honest here when I say I didn't watch them-- I have heard talk in the scientific world that there are "flaws" to Einstein's Theory of Relativity (E=Mc^2); but, as someone said, "theory" isn't a proven fact. It's an assumed truth until proven otherwise.The 'c' is an assumed constant for the speed of light. Since it is unknown what factors go into determining the constant... that's likely where the discrepancies reside.

I'd just as soon sit back and watch physicists figure it out than ponder it myself-- especially since they've recently been able to photograph black holes (by taking pictures with special cameras that photograph what isn't there). It could very well be that the speed of dark plays a role in determining the constant, c.
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Let's say you are going near the speed of light, .99 times the speed of light. Now in relativity, time would slow down (the ship and you, right?), your mass would increase, and the spaceship would "shorten".

The problem here is that when the ship slows down, the engine also slows down, because it is part of the ship. This means that since the engine has slowed down (I don't know what happens to the exhaust, but the engine could be electrogravitic or electromagnetoNewtonian instead of a rocket), the ship also slows down, and thus should experience less relativity. But then the engine would speed up and cause the exact same problem as before.

But I think that relativity is the wrong explanation of the universe.
If there were any truth to the claims that relativity as wrong, then relativity wouldn't be followed. That is the beauty of science, people don't just believe what someone else says, they test it. By saying that you believe relativity is wrong, you are essentially saying that you know more about physics than the men and women with PhDs in physics, and have tested these theories.
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