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attempting astral projection
I've recently decided that I will astral project, and have been researching, and trying techniques. The main theme seems to be relaxation and focus. The focus is something that requires a lot of my patience and practice. I can only maintain short stints of meditation at best. Unfortunately, I live on a busy avenue with traffic that continues into the night, and near and airport with a flight path directly over my house. I can hear all the activities all too well and it all very distracting. I think listening to music through headphones would help a lot, and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some that would be conducive to my goal. Any and all other tips and instructions would be welcomed too.
Thank you!
Get like a really soothing meditation cd. one with like soft guitar tones and/or light rain. thats what helps me relax when meditating. Meditation does take a lot of practice and patience. thats why i dont do it anymore Tongue its my daily poetry blog Big Grin check it out, like and follow!
I left my body on a few occasions as a child, but only during times of fight or flight - during times of extreme danger. physical stress, or in some cases, when I was extremely happy. I'm a flighter, not a fighter Big Grin The astral projection resulting was never a controlled action that I 'did', it simply 'happened'. Later on, I was able to astrally project myself by recalling the need for flight. Triggered by the memory first, then by focusing on the current desire to see from outside of myself. Hope this helps you.
Try some ear plugs. Burn a candle in a darkened room the flicker is relaxing. Look up working with Wicca "Pathways"
There are a few groups on facebook which I researched for my novel on Astral Projection. It seems that the advice on how to do it varies quite a lot, some people find candles and scents to be enough whilst others opt for crystals and meditate (these are just two examples) but ultimately all experiences require the subject to be in a state of deep relaxation.

I my novel I stuck with the characters needing to go into a deep sleep/trance-like state before they could "Dispatch".
Bluecy Sanity is Relative. Twitter for more chaos.. @doc_lamb
even if witchcraft isn't your thing I havent tried them but i know some people who have and they said it works i have only astral projected once and i walked around my house (how exciting lol)

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