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This paintings energy
can anyone who can feel paintings energies tell what kind of energy does this paintig have?

[Image: kw75i.jpg]
anybody? I really need to know, because I don't want it to effect peoples lives. Sad
I always felt like I could feel the energy from works of art, the traditional kind, as I feel people leave their energy through the brush and on the surface of the canvas. Some works I feel nothing from while others I feel something strong.

This painting, I definately feel something very strong emanating from it. I don't know how to describe it. Do you know who painted this and what their mood was when they painted it?
I painted this painting from my grandmother. I have always loved the photo of her. She was 4 years old and her mother (who years later died) told her to be still and look for a bird that will come out of the camera Big Grin
I am pretty close to my grandmother and i made this painting with only good thoughts but i'm a bit afraid. I have read that when painting someone.. it can affect the one you paint. And my father had a very serious face when he saw the painting and asked me: "what are you doing. Do you want to kill her?"
That's why i'm asking the question... and i didn't want to tell the story before. I hoped that someone maybe feels something before i tell it.
The strange thing about paintings is that they carry the persons energy, their mood and mind state at the time they've painted it, it can also emit the things of the person whom made it, so if the heart of the person whom made it was unclean and dark than so will the things in which the painting will leak and emanate. If the person is kindhearted and virtuous however you will always get a pleasant "feeling" when you look at it.

The most extreme instances is when someone paints a portrait while being possessed by a chaotic and lowly spirit, and who will then inhabit the painting upon its completion. Thats why some people whom have inherited and even bought these paintings end up being miserable, the victim of misfortune and even paranormal "taunting". Those type of paintings are better left burned than around, for the sake and well being of others. The best example of this occurrence is the painting of "The Anguished Man"

For your painting though when I look at it, although you had good intentions, I unfortunately don't exactly feel anything warm-welcoming and "bright" coming from it, despite it being an excellent work of art and effort on your part.
I'm going to be completely honest. I love your painting. I sensed that someone free spirited painted this for an ancestor or someone in a better place. I sense three people from the energy in the painting, one of the little girl, one of an ascended spirit, and one of the artist who seemed to channel this energy when she painted it. Despite that the girl's eyes have an ominous look I wouldn't change them because the painting's energy is unique. As it blends light with dark and in a very profound way. Great work.
You've captured a part of her soul in this painting. Has your Grandmother become more ill during or after you finished the painting? There's a good chance your Grandmother will end up haunting this painting and not be able to cross over when its time. I would burn this painting that way all soul ties are clear for her. You do have great talent though. Perhaps on still life next time. Much safer.
Please don't burn your painting on account of superstition. The spirits will do what they want. They do not become "bound" to certain objects, they are free to come and go voluntarily just like we do in the physical realm. Sometimes they choose to stick around though because it gives them a sense of belonging. It is a hard transition for some of them and sometimes they seem bound because they are unwilling or unready to make that transition. They want to hold onto those memories, their "life" for as long as they can. You painted this for a reason even though you may not know help her. When the spirits are ready, they will leave/cross over of their own accord.

There is no negative energy with this painting. It is a beautiful painting.
Even the Grandfather's reaction was,"You want to kill her?" Ever seen the show Haunted collector?

This painting only serves to remind her grandmother of how much she was loved. That will help her.
BTW. I don't watch too many TV shows on this stuff. I find there tends to become a lot of "Hollywood" type drama or influence that becomes associated to these things...possessed Ouija boards, possessed dolls, possessed pictures and the like. Everything is possessed if they can make a TV show out of it. The spirits just don't care...they do what they want, go where they want, haunt what they want, until they decide they've had enough and cross over.
It is true that spirits will become attached to certain places or objects, or they are more drawn to certain things such as this, or they may even decide to haunt such a thing or place for a time being. Best is to let them be. It is only if they become angered or agressive that they become an issue. This painting can be likened to the Native American tradition of giving tobacco to the is a gift that will help console the spirits and help them to "rest".

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