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What Famous Haunted Place Have You Visited?
Have you ever visited one of those "famous" haunted places?

What did you think?

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Nope, in our country we don't have a "famous" haunted places.
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I have been to a few of the well known American Haunts.
-St. Augustine Lighthouse: Just walked around during the day and climbed the lighthouse - nice place, but no experiences.
-Savannah, GA: Stayed at one of the historically haunted hotels and have walked around the historic district for literally days. LOVED the city and it 'feels' haunted, but no experiences.
-Civil War Battlefields: Chickamauga, Shiloh, Gettysburg and a dozen others. The two that got to me were Gettysburg and Shiloh - but I can't say for sure that things that I heard or saw there were not more about me being immersed in the history than any ghostly influence.
-Villisca Axe Murder House: The wierdest thing I experienced here was a cold spot in the upstairs children's bedroom that was cold enough to give me a chill on an 85 degree Iowa summer day. (The house has no AC at all.) The overall feel of the place is 'off' as well, but I never could really explain that properly.
-Myrtles Plantation: Did the day tour, great historical tour, but nothing experienced from a ghostly standpoint.
Most of the local "Famous" haunted places around the Chicago area.
Spent two nights at the Cresent Hotel last fall, as usual I experienced nothing but a cool/creepy place to stay
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It all sounds very exciting!!!! Hopefully, one day when i have some time to travel i will visit some spots.
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Angel WIngs

(02-28-2013, 06:14 PM)K2M Wrote: It all sounds very exciting!!!! Hopefully, one day when i have some time to travel i will visit some spots.
I've been to Fort Niagara, St. Augustine lighthouse, Castillo de San Marcos, the Huguenot cemetery there. I've been to Gettysburg, and to Mansfield reformatory. I've been a few other places that are supposed to be wickedly haunted.

And what have I seen?

Nada. Zip.

We are heading down to St. Augustine again soon. Not for the ghosts. For the beach. I'll keep my eyes peeled for spirits. But I'm not holding my breath.
I went with a friend to the Whaley house in San Diego, California. It's been turned into a museum of sorts and didn't really seem to give off any vibes of being haunted any more. Though it's pretty interesting how people lived back in the turn of the century and I loved looking at all the wonderful old things.
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I've been to Alcatraz! Not the best feeling I got there.. Sad
Flower Child
I seem to have misplaced a post I did re: visiting "haunted places/locations, mostly of Civil War period, 1861-1865.Most were over a 10 yr. period and included trips to Gettysburg, PA, Fredricksburg,VA, Sharpsburg(wish I could recall that state), Atlanta,GA, savannah, GA, Charleston,SC, Fort Fisher,NC, (last open Confederate fort/port opperational in the South, located in Wilmington, NC, Final battle of the war, Bentonville, NC, with Sherman and Johnston commanding oppossite sides. BTW, Sherman won.
I declare modestly, as I was from estonia, that estonians have mapped the haunting areas and places, map is here
with a ghastly smile I have to notify, Ivisited many of them but actually did not notice anything if not to count some door creaks at the place where were no doors.
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