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Voodoo Dolls, Do they really work?
Ive been curious about Voodoo Dolls for a long time and has there been cases that these things really do what we see in movies and tv shows?
Voodoo dolls come out of old European folklore, actually, though were later assimilated into hoodoo - a blend of European and Africanized ... folklore? witchlore? spellwork system, perhaps is the better word choice.

Do they work? Hard to say with proof. Like any sympathetic sort of talisman or magical effort, it requires energy and focus/force and something else which I have thought of as Divine Will, or permission, or maybe say it is the trend of natural events working along with the will of the person trying to do something with an item like this.

In the end is it coincidence that it came to happen? Or, does magic work?

Easy to say, hard to prove either position. Just my opinion.
How I put it, the only way anything in magic or religion will work you need to believe it for it to work. I know this for sure because like with prayer or meditation you need to believe its working for the prayer or meditation to work even if its a subconscious believe. This is with my own experience with religion and magic.
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Contrary to popular belief, the dolls were, and are still, mainly used for protection. As stated above, they were originally European in origin. Poppet magic being common in Medieval times, and were integrated into Hoodoo later on. I have a few associates who are initiated in African tribal religions, and there are similar practices to voodoo dolls, and they do indeed work. The trick is knowing what you are doing and how to do it. Without being initiated myself, I do not know. A lot of tribal mysticism is closely guarded.
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Contrary to popular belief, VooDoo Dolls are not even a part of the VooDoo religion. Frater OEV has it correct-- it's more a part of HooDoo than VooDoo. It's a type of GrisGris.

A GrisGris (Pronounced GrEe--GrEe)is a totem or satchel of "things" with the intent to achieve some "spell" (for lack of a better word coming to mind). Typically, GrisGris will involve things like graveyard dirt, hair, teeth, bones from black cats, ground bone from an infant's skull, etc. There's a ritual performed to "activate" the ingredients.

I personally don't believe it's more of a placebo than anything; but, even placebos have power if you believe...

If you're interested in reading up on HooDoo or VooDoo, Zora Neale Hurston has a couple books on folk lore, which she wrote after delving into the religions of HooDoo and VooDoo during a trip to Haiti. It's actually some pretty interesting reading as she has musical scores of rada drum cadences, various rituals, and stories of her experiences. I really wish this had been my introduction to Hurston... instead of the junk they had us read in high school. =)
I would never rule out something as "not working" or "working", but much of what makes things like this work on people is their belief it will work. The power of suggestion is an amazing thing so if you believe these dolls have power they ultimately will, but you don't need the doll what you do need is someone with authority who you trust implicitly and believe completely.

There are anecdotal cases I have read where people were given the wrong diagnoses by doctors and died only to find out later on that they didn't have the illness after all, and then again there are people given days to live that survive for decades. Our mind is a powerful tool that I think can cause miracles for us as well as kill us all from our belief in something.

So in my opinion for the two cents its worth, voodoo dolls are as powerful as you believe they are if you know what I mean.


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