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Astral Projection or Just a Dream???
Last night I woke around 3am. I kept trying to fall back to sleep but with my cough, It just wasn't working out. Sometime after 4 am I was lying there still trying to sleep. I started visualizing walking down stairs (like into myself) then I decided that my stairs would be the spiraling kind. after a while of that I opened my eyes (not in life) more like a dream state- but I knew I was dreaming and controlling the dream. I was lying in bed (not mine)and straight out the door in the next room of whatever house this was, there was a wood chest drawer. I kept staring at it, afraid that if I looked away, the dream would change. I moved myself to the dresser. I literally FELT myself move to it, my legs didn't move at all, so it was as if i were a ghost, but i felt the air, just as when you walk fast & there is that little breeze. I thought it was pretty cool so I turned facing the next room & moved through it. Eventually I went outside & then I opened my eyes -for real, and just laughed and thought "I don't know if I fell asleep or if I astral projected somewhere" Either way. It was cool. Because if it was just a dream, I'm sure that I never felt the air before in one.
It could have been a dream travel. it's actually a very big part of the spiritual path I am on, utilized in meditations and healing. It does require lucid dreaming or being in control of the dream. Most people do this often, allbeit involuntarily and never learning to control the dreamwalk.

There are a handful of people I work with closely in dreamwork. After a session we independently write our experiences and then exchange them. It still amazes me how much we are able to coordinate and how identical our dreams are.

In his book "The Interpretation of Dreams" Sigmund Freud talks about the psychology of dreamwork. Carl Jung (who was a student of Freud) takes it a step further in describing the human collective unconsciousness as an onion, and dreamwork is the practice and place of peeling back the layers to reveal the core self. Dreamwork is also used in spirtitual practices in Native American, Celtic and other Pagan cultures and has been for centuries. It is considered a neccessity in spiritual formation and growth.

Certain cautions should be used if you find you have a natural ability with this type of thing though, just as it would be a moral issue to intrude into someone's personal space in waking life, it should be considered a moral issue to do so in dreamscape. If this happens again, consider trying to control the journey away from others personal spaces and homes, unless of course you have permission. Don't feel guilty about this instance though, if you weren't initially aware of what you were doing it couldn't have been avoided. Just be aware should it occur again. You were in a strange place, chose to leave and then did so. That says alot about your character. That feeling of the air outside, should continue be your focus.

Yeah, I definitely didn't know. I didn't even recognize the furniture. It was such a great experience though.
I have only once had something similar, which I think I told you about after my brother died & he was calling me to the hospital, in a room on the 7th floor. In that I felt as if I really went there & saw him. And that was near thanksgiving (the month after he died) He didn't die on the 7th floor, but it turned out that floor was where he went during his chemo. And then a few days later I found out that the 7th floor staff was donating a thanksgiving dinner to our family (which my mom turned down since she didn't want to celebrate.) I believe that was Nicks doing, wanting us to have thanksgiving.
I have had a handful or two of psychic type dreams in my life, that didn't involve traveling. But I really would like to try this controlling my dream more. Do you have any advise on what to do? Do you think I should try starting to envision going downstairs again and see where I end up? Or do I think of a certain place to go?
Am I being silly? I'm just excited to try again.

The funny thing about dreams are generally they are unconscious projection. In many cases they seem vague or not very life like because the person doesn't realize what they are actually doing and ends up disregarding them when they wake up in the morning. However during lucid experiences everything is much more vivid because the person is aware of what they are doing and they invoke their control over their environment.

Many experience the same places or things during these experiences because, everything is based on energy and everyone is connected not only to each other but to everything that exists. One of the common places people will talk about when during projection is being in a religious or spiritual temple of sorts. While the descriptions vary on the kind of temple and whats in the temple the overall theme is constant. The temple is that person, that's where the saying the temple of God is within comes from. There are a lot of other similarities but I don't want to hijack this thread I can get carried away with this topic Smile.

I'm sure Lady Kamae will give you some good advice. I'll just add if you are going to be practicing becoming more aware when your projecting that you should do what makes you feel the most comfortable. Don't get bogged down with strict practices, what works for person A almost never works for person B and people get frustrated when they don't have luck with what has worked for others. This causes them to think they are less inclined then others when practicing such things, when in reality they are their equals.

One last thing, remember the other dimensions are filled with many types of beings some operate on high frequencies while others don't. A porch light on at night attracts all nearby insects, you become a "porch light" in a way when you practice these things.

Dax, you didn't highjack the thread at all. You bring up alot of good points, especially the need to be aware of other beings within the dreamscape. Not all are filled with peace, joy and love much as in our waking life. You said "high frequency" beings, and the fact is there are darker entities out there and it's a good idea to learn some basic protections.

Flower to offer you a couple of very good resources by which to learn some of those protections and get a handle on being able to control lucid dreams like this further I would suggest you read two books and in this particular order:

1. Psychic Dreaming: A Parapsychologists Handbook by Loyd Auerbach.

2. Psychic Dreamwalking: Explorations At The Edge of Self by Michelle Belanger.

Either of these books should be availabale at your local library or through (feel free to use our link here on TP, it's what keeps our site up and running Icontexto-emoticons-08-032x032). There is a reason I suggest an order to the reading as well, Auerbach is a noted Parapsychologist and has been for decades. He details much of modern day's psychology of the dreamworld in a very intelligent yet understandable format, giving a good stable foundation on the topic. It makes Ms. Belanger's work easier to understand and to implement should you choose to do so.

Please also, feel free to update your experiences here in your thread, I'd love to hear more...

In your "dream," were there any other people, or beings? Were you alone? I've only had one dream in my life that really shook me all the way to my toes. I was so agitated by the experience that I thought my experience really happened. I couldn't explain it. One thing I did do was search for my shoes, and I did that in a big hurry. They were clean.

In my dream it was like I was having someone else's experience. It was like I was watching everything happening, but I had no control over my own actions. "I" was in an unfamiliar house, and there were people looking for me. I went out a window on the second floor, and climbed down one of those lattice having vines growing from the ground all the way up. When I was half way down I simply dropped to the ground, landing in very soft soil, like it had been raining. There was plenty of mud on my shoes and my pants. I raced home, like I was being chased, in spite of the fact there was no one there.

I have no idea what happened, or where I was. Real or not, it scared me quite a bit. I hope you can share more here anytime soon.
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Thank you all for writing. Lady Kamae, Thank you. I will read those.
Dax, when you said "Many experience the same places or things" It reminded me that sometime, over 10 years ago, there was a different house (2 actually, but 1 many times and the other only a few times). I, of course, referred to it as my "dream house" always assuming back then that it was where I would live at some point. But I've never seen the outside of the house. But I had been inside many times & it was always the same layout & completely furnished. I thought it was just dreams, but now I'm wondering if they were projections.
Jeff, In this dream, it was just me there. Though it was still dark outside, so if there were anyone else they would probably be sleeping. I was able to control every move except my legs didn't move. And it wasn't like I tried to walk or anything, there was no need to, because I just drifted where I needed to. It wasn't super easy to float, I couldn't just swirl around or fly (well I didn't try to either) I just focus on something, and I could feel my energy trying to (Push?) me forward, and I moved. The house & its furnishing I hadn't seen before.

This could be an example of remote viewing, the CIA ran several programs on it back in the 70s.
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