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Ouija Board - "Question and Answer session" for members!
I have been fascinated with Ouija Boards since I was a child, although because of some of the stories I have come across, I always personally avoided using them. I used one recently, which went fine, but I wanted to ask some general questions here to people who have used them. I thought it'd be good to learn from others.

If you're willing, please answer these questions:

1. Have you used the Ouija Board, if so, was it just one time, or regularly, or occasionally?

2. Do you have any memorable experiences from having used it?

3. Would you say your experience was mostly positive or negative?

4. Do you believe you were genuinelly channelling spirits, or do you believe it was physical/psychological effects?

5. Do you regret having used the Ouija Board?

6. Do you have any tips for use, or ways to stay safe?

Thanks for answering!
1) Yes, one time

2) At the time, I attributed a door slamming shut as spirit communication. I was also about ten years old. The windows were open and it likely caused the door to blow shut. Then I couldn't open the door and promptly blamed the board and not the fact that it was an old house with old doors that stuck sometimes.

3) Negative in the sense that I attributed a piece of wood and plastic as having the power to shut a door.

4) No I do not believe it was spirit communication. I believe that it was a simple explanation that I blew out of proportion.

5) I regret believing that it worked.

6) No tips, but many believe that there should be opening and closing ceremonies for the sessions. In my personal opinion, there are no dangers other than the possibility of getting a splinter when you open the package.

I will say that the team I am on does not advocate the use of Ouija boards. All our team members have their own views on it, but what it boils down to is we are researching and using whatever methods can actually give us consistent data. That pretty much leaves the ouija board at the door.

I know there are others who have different opinions, so I am sure someone else will offer another point of view. I hope you don't mind me putting my two cents in about it.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Thanks for your reply, Scarygirl, and your honesty. I want to hear views from all across the board, so to speak, and that means people who think they're evil to people who think they are nothing but planks of meaningless wood.

I have only used the Ouija Board once, and I think it did me the world of good, because it helped dispell some of the "Hollywood fears" I'd developed of it, over time. That's not to say I don't think it can work, but it threw out some of the drama that people attach to using one.

The group who did the investigation at the castle I was at recently offer the use of Pendulums, Ouiji Boards etc, during sessions, as well as the more technical and "rational" equipment (such as EMF meters, temp measuring equipment, cameras etc), however I am pleased to say that they all offered very honest and critical ways of looking at such items, such as explaining in depth about the subconious movements and ideometer effect etc.
I have never really experimented with the Ouija board, not that I have any religious bias against using one. I have experimented with divination using the pendulum method, I could never achieve any positive results. When I experimented with the pendulum trying to keep it soundly secured to prevent unconscious movement by my hand, I could never get any results. So, I haven't been motivated to try the Ouija board, but I would be willing to try if I could convince some acquaintances to help me in a experiment.

"Beware the man of one book."
— St. Thomas Aquinas

"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it."
— Aristotle
We played all the time.... when I was young ... don't ask for an age I don't remember. I used it to scare my brother and his friends.... never had anything evil happen.... never talked to the other side. But the ones I pranked probably are still scared of them.

I will say blind fold the people using it and spin the board ..... bet they don't get anything.
Belief bias occurs when we make illogical conclusions in order to confirm our preexisting beliefs. Belief perseverance refers to our tendency to maintain a belief even after the evidence we used to form the belief is contradicted.
I want to try one but am looking for ways to saifly open and close and have a session, rather than just grab it and start doing it. I need volunteers, also. I heard salt water in a circle around the group, I have hear prayers being used. I have heard certain people with put a bowl of water 0n the table, and or candles. Want to be safe just in case. Bad responses and ok ones gotten from my childhood meanderings wit the board.
1. Have you used the Ouija Board, if so, was it just one time, or regularly, or occasionally?

Yes, frequently - We do 1 or 2 sessions a week.

2. Do you have any memorable experiences from having used it?

Many, I have started inviting entities into my apartment to experiment with the energy. So far I have had two cross over and manipulate the physical space around the session.

3. Would you say your experience was mostly positive or negative?

Ultimately, all Ouija experiences I have had have been positive. I've had some frightening experiences but it is a very useful tool, and practical use of the Ouija has given me validity in some of my understanding and has helped me to open up spiritually.

4. Do you believe you were genuinely channelling spirits, or do you believe it was physical/psychological effects?

I believe that a portal opens during a legitimate session between the planes of this world and another. I think the users, as long as they assert themselves as leaseholders, can maintain control over the session and the portal. When I invite spirits into my apartment I make sure to assert that they are to go back when they are commanded to. And I have done that with positive entities, and with negative ones without any issues. I have been given information that proved to be true, but that I didn't know during the session. Through my experiences, I am comfortable in saying that it is a real interaction.

5. Do you regret having used the Ouija Board?


6. Do you have any tips for use, or ways to stay safe?


a. The leaseholder of the residence you chose to do a session in should assert themselves as such and be the one communicating, unless you give permission to the secondary user, but this should be something you consult the board about. In all of my sessions I ask that my partner be permitted to communicate as well and I always get a yes. If there is no leaseholder present, than both users are equal in terms of using the board.

b. Skyclad (nudity) will only be beneficial if everyone in the session is comfortable. Whether everyone is skyclad or just one, both the person being skyclad, and the other person needs to be okay with the nudity or it will be detrimental to the session.

c. Make sure you find out who you are talking to. Ask as many questions as you can, and make sure you are talking to positive energies. You have the ability to close the session at anytime, and refuse to talk to negative energies. You are in control and it is important to be confident in that.

d. Assert that you do not want anything to pass through the portal. If you invite them in they may pass through - and if you don't send them back before you close the session you may be stuck with an entity in your home!

e. Be prepared. Physical manipulation of your environment may occur, as the energy involved in a Ouija session can be enormous. You may notice a visual distortion in the room. It's normal, but it can be alarming if you're not prepared for it. It is important to maintain a feeling of control and confidence at all times so be prepared for anything, and be assertive with what you want.

f. Don't ask questions about the future as it relates to life, death, finance, etc. You won't get qualitative results and you're wasting energy.

g. Turn off all lights, electronic devices, phones, etc. You may find it helpful to have two candles but make sure they are out of arm's reach for either user. It's quite an experience when a light turns on, or your cellphone rings after you turned it off, or a candle goes out. Its quite a validating experience.

h. I find alcohol can increase the experience for certain people. Sensitives, or conduits pass energy more fluidly when they have been drinking but it' important not to be drunk because you need to be able to focus on controlling the session. People who exert energy like witches, druids, psychics, etc - should avoid alcohol as the energy can become chaotic.

i. I find the Ouija is best used by two users, one of which is a conduit or a sensitive, and the other is someone who produces energy. The stronger the ability in both users the better the results.
I'm new to this forum and would like to share this.
I've communicated on "The Psychic Circle Board " quite few years ago ( approx. 10yrs) ago, this is supposedly the lighter version of the oiuja board, we said a protection pray at start as well when finishing.

I know from experience that I asked questions about my life and in particular about people whom i was interested in and I knew absolutely nothing about including names, ages, and personal information I knew absolutely nothing about was revealed to me by the board ( my angelic host / guardian) answers that were 99.9 percent accurate, i could never explain this as when i mustered up the courage to front these people they totally freaked out as i had never spoken to them and called them by names, told them there dates of birth and some insight about themself, all i knew is that i would watch as they passed my house on many occassions on a daily basis. on the other hand my friend asked more questions regarding worldly matters and found twice where he was threatened with death or the amulet was thrown across the room ricashaying off walls, it was then where we were totally freaked and abruptly ended the session.
These were the only bad experiences I have witnessed first hand, my experiences were always enlightening.

I have never been able to communicate soley on my own with My oiuja or psychic circle board and always need a second person as my energy level is weak.

I'm keen to join a group or individuals as I love feeling the energies that are passed from the higher realm.

I hope this may help or contribute in some way, I'm always more than happy to talk and revisit past experiences as they are all memorably and sadly missed.
1. yes I have a multiple times
2. I had one memorable experience I was chilling with some friends and we made a board out of car board we had all the lights off and just one candle, and when we asked the spirit how they died the dial slammed into the candle, and it went I guess they died by fire. Then later that night I saw a old man walking down the hallway in a robe.
3. neutral
4. yes
5. no regrets
6. Tips are always close the circle when you are done, and never break the circle because you could possibly leave open a portal open.
LIN you don't sAyGawp
Hi dollme777,

Have you used the oiuja board on your own at any time with same results ie contacting the spirits as I cannot feel anything on my own when I use my board.

My board is home made so not sure if this has anything to do with it

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