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thoth tarot cards where to get best ones
I want to get a deck for my brother. He says thoth are the ones he had before and lost. I think. It was the same letters at the beginning and end of the name and was one syllabile. This is what I found. Alleister Crowly thoth cards Book of thoth kabbalistic meanings and astrological meanings intact.
Yes, those are the ones. There are several places online, including Amazon that you can purchase them. We have a shop here where I live that sells all kinds of tarot decks, including that there may be one close to you as well. Otherwise, I would just look around online for the best deal.
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Most metaphysical shop and some book stores carry them as well. Some books come with decks. Now I am seeing a variance some 80 card decks and some 78 card decks.... you may want to find out which one they want.
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I've seen them at the bigger chain bookstores
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From what I am reading, the deck that has 80 cards includes two other versions of the Magus card in addition to the one that is already there. Not sure why that is, but like UNR suggested, you may want to make sure which one he had.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick

Thank you. I looked at Barnes and Nobles, I might have to check them online. I think we might still have a metaphysical like store around here. I will have to look. Oh, at the mall, I might have to get them there. I will have to ask them about the size of deck. I seen the two sizes online, but I wanted to be sure I had the right ones.

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