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The paranormal: who can we really trust?
Thank you, Scarygirl. It will be interesting to read other people's opinions on this topic, from all sides.
Do we still need proof of the paranormal's existence, or do we simply need proof of the specific incident?

Is it a given that spirits exist? Do we rely on people who hang a shingle outside advertising their psychic services? Or do we look to our own experiences?

I am far, far more skeptical about what comes out of some famous psychics' mouths than I am about first hand experiences that seem to defy debunking efforts.

I don't need proof anymore. But I don't accept outright any and all reports of the paranormal. Debunking is an important step for every report of activity, in my opinion.
The word 'proof' is a slippery slope for sure. It's a word that I don't like and yet in a's what I'm looking for. I don't like seeing things presented as proof positive of paranormal activity because I don't think anything is definite when it comes to the unknown.

I do believe. I believe there are things that happen that don't have a ready explanation..yet. It doesn't mean they don't have one. I choose to believe that there is an afterlife, but I cannot say for sure what it is. And maybe the way we perceive spirits is all wrong.

I also believe people when they tell me what they've experienced, unless it is obvious a game is being played..a few have come around here and done that, and the good members here spoke up politely and let them know that this forum is about really discussing what might be unknown. I may offer other explanations that I have found in similar cases, but I hope that it never comes across as anything definite..just other things to consider.

It is hard to trust with so many agendas. People that I have thought were genuinely trying to find answers end up having an agenda of their own..and in my opinion, something gets lost when that happens.
“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.” ~Philip K. Dick


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